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Voyeur Lyrics
I'm looking, I'm looking back
I'm trying to imagine this and that
The simple mathematics making up the map
Insurance of protection from immediate collapse

I'm watching, I'm watching you
A voyeur from a different point of view
The solitary eyes that I've been looking through
Committed to connecting the old ways to the new

And I see things
Through a curtain blowing back against the rain
Through the crack in a door that heaves with pain
And through every gap that gives away
Some secret in the dark
I'll come away with something
To keep you in my heart

I'm searching, I'm setting out
To prove without a shadow of a doubt
The age-old contradiction that's hovering about
A whisper in the darkness
Holds more truth than a shout

I'm waiting, I'm waiting for
Telltale footsteps on the bedroom floor
A broken hearted lover simply looking for
Relief that's temporary from her dirty little war

And I see things
From the ceilings of a hundred hotel rooms
From a satellite that's bouncing off the moon
And from every telescope
That's focused in on someplace dark
I'll come away with something to keep you in my heart

Yes I see things
From the highest branch that looks directly in
Through a hawk's eyes gliding silent on the wind
And in every secret rendezvous where illicit lovers park
I'll come away with something to keep you in my heart

Voyeur [x3]

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