Em Beihold Lyrics

Em Beihold Lyrics
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From the Album Numb Little Bug (2022) (buy at amazon.com)
Numb Little Bug
Numb Little Bug

Em Beihold Info:

Em Beihold has over 1 million plays, 637,365 monthly listeners, and 10 EPs and songs, and is a Spotify verified vocalist.

Her 60,000 Instagram followers get tour updates, videos of her strumming her guitar, and candid shots from her daily life.

Infrared, her first EP, was published in 2017.

She has the ability to play the guitar, ukulele, and piano. In 2020, the songs"Painful Truth,""City of Angels", and"Forgive Yourself" were released.

She refers to herself as "walmart Sara Bareilles [Pop Singer] in the biography section of her Instagram account. -allfamous.org-

Birth name:
Em Beihold

January 21, 1999 (age )

Los Angeles, California


guitar, ukulele, and piano

Years active:

Tour Dates:

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