Business (Remix) Lyrics by Eminem

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Business (Remix) Lyrics
[Mack 10:]
Dope money and rapping sh*t I'm all with it
And all I know is streets is how I spit it
Chickenhawk see a bird, I gotta get it
So if ya hood come up sho', then I'd probably get it
If lil momma thick then I gotta hit it
The trojan gotta be a magnum for me to fit it
If was sherm on 'em stick then I'd probably lit it
The red beam is on your wig so I probably split it

Your bout to witness hip hop in it's
Most pourest, most rawest form flow, almost flawless
Most hardest, most honest, known artist
Chip off the old block but old doc is back!
Looks like Batman, brought his own Robin
Oh god, sadams got his own laden
With his on private plane, his on pilot
Set to blow college dorm room doors off the hinges
Oranges, peach, pairs, plums, oranges
*VRRM VRRM* Yeah, here I come
My inches away from you, here fear none
Hip hop is in a state of 911, so
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