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Give Me The Ball Lyrics
Let me tell you about my homie!

[Verse 1:]
My name is Chancey Billups, I'm kinda like a raunchy Philips.
Screwdriver, my crew's live, when you can't sleep and you're still up!
I get the ball then I'm like: "Rib, you can't get a grip
You pro'ly got stripped. - Wanna rumble? No reason to trip! "
I grab her like Gnarles Barkley holds a mic', a star, spark me
I smile like Charles Barkley, come on! I'm hard, bark me! (woof!)
Ain't booin', ain't pursuin', no lawsuits, I ain't suin'!
I know what I'm doin', give me the ball and your life is ruined!
I'm like Rasheed, I remind me of the spirit of Proof
I'm heavy, you're lucky. - Fall in the groove, and I'm on the move!
I'm smooth with it. - Give me the ball! You don't know what to do with it!
Shoot it in the basket, you other teams need a casket.
LeBron said: "Don't respond! " There's no back an' forth.
This game is middle, man. - I play it loud I walk away to touch the crowd
You tryna touch?! Sit down!

(Det-roit bas-ket-ball!)
Homie, like I told you this is...
(Det-roit bas-ket-ball!)
Man, I don't think you're ready for it.

[Verse 2:]
I get the crowd rolled up like a U-Haul truck
Just call me two-balled Chuck. - Ain't too tall? What?! - I'll leave Utah stuffed.
Man, I love this game. - Who the hell you called up?
You need points on the paint. - I'm enjoys when it stink.
All my coins in the bank. - And I'm going on the way ("I-I-I- I get money! ")
Yeah, baby; it's true. - I'm talkin' to you!
You already know what to do. - Just pass it to me!
It just so happens to be
That I adapt on this heat. - So strap in your seat!
I got a grasp on this beat; you ain't convinced? Give it to Tayshaun Prince!
We haven't stay calm since - lead the ball with the [?] palm prints. [shots] (ayo!)
Now homie this is... (now homie this is...)


[Outro 1:]
We get everybody involved, homie!
We get everybody involved!
I said...
We get everybody involved, homie!
We get everybody involved!

[Outro 2:]
I said: "Ohhhh! "
Give me the ball?
You gotta f*ck me 'fore you
Tell me you ain't listenin'!
This is Detroit basketball, homie!
Beat me on Scottie!
Damn, Dennis!
Hahah, hahahahahhaha-haha-haaahahahahaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!
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