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It's Murda (Cable Guy Remix) Lyrics
(It's the Cable Guy!)

[Intro: DMX]
Y'all motherf*ckers ready or what?
Is y'all motherf*ckers ready or what?
I don't think you are!
I don't think so!

They got my back against the building
I'm the villian that's creeping around corners,
Like shorty. - You see them niggas reaping around, warn us!
Unless he coming through! Gunning through! Running through!
So be careful what you do - see them slugs might come to you.
As long as I can remeber. - The streets have kept me safe!
And ever since that time in December - the heat's been in my waist.
I need a' - extra set of eyes so I keep my dogs with me
Doctor says let them die - till this f*cking dog bit me!
I don't know what's wrong with me? ! - But it seems like since you heard of us
Y'all niggas been wanting to murder us, cause couldn't f*ck with the third of us.
Still against me! - And wanting to see me in the box!
Grilling me! - All crazy - when you see me in the locks.
Leave you dead/red like fox! - Ain't nothing funny about that,
I see you in a coma. - Ain't coming up out that!
You hold on - for too long and they ain't pulling the plug for you
I'll run up in the joint myself and bust another slug for you!

[Bridge: DMX]
It's murdaaaa!

This place is my house, I might as well erase my face with' Withe-out
Cause y'all can't see me like Ma$e's eyebrows (where you at?)
Climped out of a nice house,
Through the front window and heard this guy shout. (HEY! THAT'S MY COUCH! BITCH!)
Pull a .9 out during a rhine 'bout [gun cocks]
While I'm rippin' this shit, put a clip in it spit 5 rounds [shots]
And murder you hoe's worse
Convertable flippin' vertical nose 1st
With' the top off,
Landin' upside-down.
You're tied down and duct-taped. - F*ck rape!
I'd rather just hump a slut's leg, with' my nuts shaved.

I take a squat then post up - with the toast up
I bring beef to a closure. - Know somethin'?
From cat? to fool some - I'm loathesome
I scream out: "F*ck the world"! Then I throw something.
Niggas scheming hard but f*ck it, it's the god
I leave bullets lodged leave you leaning on your broad.
And our punks leave you gagged up in your car
Slumping - Kennedy-style with your memory out. - What the f*ck y'all want?
Daddio with the calico
Let the gaty blow leave you bleeding on your patio.
I leave rivals on their backs looking up at the sky blue
Not only do I leave you, I hide you!
I before you, X and xx xxxx!
Death before dishonor now and prior to!
Boss man fire on you! - Conspire you!
Me die before you? - You liar, you!
Niggas is dead off the hits I improve,
Shit, I got the Feds who ain't buy it to.
Y'all niggas don't listen - when the streets are in prison
When we find them we twist them - niggas wakin' up missing.
Y'all don't understand we want y'all all to hate it
It's murdaaaa! - Murder incorporated
It's murdaaaa! - In crime we all related
It's murdaaaa! - See if y'all can fake it.

[Jug Fool]
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