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Music Box Lyrics
[door opens]
[music box starts playin' a melody]

Yeah, girl!
Can you hear that?
It's playing our song...
Are you sleepy?
Take a nap!
You're not afraid... of the dark?
Are you?

[Verse 1:]
You hear the beat - as it makes ya - not wanna go to sleep!
I knock on Dakota's door! - It's locked, so I go to creep!
Round the back - with binoculars, not cause I wanna peep
But because I'm hungry, she smells like tacos, I wanna eat!
Visions of hot chocolatey marshmallows all so sweet
With sugar plums! - Oh, look here comes Marshall he's on your street!
He's placing hot - smoldering charcoals beneath your feet
Now walk on 'em! - He's dancing with carcasses cheek to cheek!
Like a Thanksgiving turkey! - A holiday ham!
Cinnamon sprinkled on toast, strawberry marmalade jam!
Flavor my favorite graham crackers with John Bennet Rams
I guess a modern day "Jack The Ripper" is all that I am!

(MY MUSIC BOX!) Cause when the lights are off - I see the girls asleep (MY MUSIC BOX!)
But I can hear you my love! - Keep calling me! (MY MUSIC BOX!)
And when we're worlds apart - you mean the world to me (MY MUSIC BOX!)
If you call, I'll come! - I will ans-wer! (MY MUSIC BOX!)
Cus when the lights are off - I see the girls asleep (MY MUSIC BOX!)
I hear my music box - playing a song for me! (MY MUSIC BOX!)
So when she twirls around - and do a whirl for me (MY MUSIC BOX!)
Won't you be my pri-vate little dancer! (MY MUSIC BOX!)

[Verse 2:]
I almost look comatose! - Who wants to be sober gross?
I foam like a Doberman, mouth open I overdose!
Put coke up my nostrils, in both my holes and I plug my nose
My pupils quadruple in size, eyes are so bugged I know!
I put on my mother's make-up, get naked and run around
Wavin' the gun arounf; I think I'm down to a hundred pounds!
There's thunder! I wonder how come it rains but the sun is out?
The devils upset with his wife. - They must be sluggin' it out!
I must be buggin' the f*ck out; but what the f*ck about?
Voices are leading me up to the attic; I love my house!
They pull and they tug my blouse. - The sound of a music box
Comes from inside a toy chest, but what do I do? It's locked!
I pick it and open it, but it's stuffed full of human parts
I dig till I find it! I wind it up and the tune just starts!
It's playing a song! - So beautiful and the room is dark
The moon is full; I smell a funeral, guess I'll loom in the park!


[Verse 3:]
I'm fixated on asphyxiating and breakin' this little chick's
Neck like a pixie stick! - The sick Satan worshippin',
Bitches get horse-whippins, I'm in the back!
Through the back - door, slip in through the crack
Leavin' the corpse drippin' the mortician of love - sent from above,
Forced and treat 'em all! - Went, shit 'em all! - Stingy I've become!
Been doin' this for more than a quarter century, I'm just numb!
Am I dreamin', is it real? Someone - pinch me on the buns!
The time has come - to tie her up, gotta roll me the ladder
I'd had enough of the chatter, climb up to the window, look at her;
Then climb in and slowly shatter her brain matter and batter her
With the bat! - A matter of fact! - That will splatter her!
But before I do that! - I'll have a chat to flatter her
Give her two compliments - back-to-back! - Like Tabatha!
I'm your secret admirer, I'm back to ravish ya!
So strong is your fight? - But you're no match for Dracula!
Prolonging her plight - as I go back - to stabbin' her!
Dismember her limbs! - Simple as that! Cadaver her!
Zoom in with the lens! - Then pan back - the camera!
Stand back! - Cause here comes your man Jack! - So Pamela!

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