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Muurder Lyrics
ey guess what?
the game is just too bold this year
and you know what happened?


rob it, shoot it, kill it, murder (MUUUURDDAAAA)x2

verse 1: bizzare

henneyed up , remeyed up, ski mask, black truck, dickie outfit, passanger side(pistol grip pump)
F*ck it, i just did two lines, a chrome tech 9, it'll tear out niggas spines
its a party, go on in and have fun, cuz after its over all u gon hear is (run nigga run!!)
shootin, blastin, hittin in the floor, 10,000 in the safe, shiiiit im bout to score
cuz im dangerous, off angel dust, shit ill bust, leave a nigga that came wit us
and this is for mah niggas that be robbin and stealin, car jackin, murder ones, and f*ckin drug dealin


rob it, shoot it, kill it, murder (MUUUURDDAAAA, MUUUUURDDAAA)x2

verse 2:kuniva

i stumble in tha club blowder 9mm cocked,something's telling me to stop,f*ck it i don't see the cops(aaaaaa!),niggas don't believe it till it's out
stupid mutherf*ckas wanna take the scenic route now the heater's out(DAMN!)
biatches screamin liked i put my penis out beging me to put that
big mutherf*cka away but the demon's out,everybody's on the floor
come outta that makin,come outta that diamonds,and you come outta that
valore,the party is over shut da f*ck down cut the music(scratch)
matter of fact turn it back up shiiit i can use it,i need the noise and
case ill have to let a couple off i saw another ice chain walked over
and thugged it off(gimme that!),give me that buttersoft in case you'll buying
of the bar you can buy my drink for today and tomorrow
im out for the paper my homie better hide you jewels
im in tha game starvin and i aint playin by the rules nigga!

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