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The Anthem Lyrics
[Intro: King Tech & (RZA intro from +Airwaves+)]
[scratches] Wake up! Wake up!
One two, one two! [scratches]
We dedicate this one... to the Hip-Hop culture y'all.
Brought to you by the WOOOOOOOOOORRRLLLD FAAAAMOUS! [scratches]
"Wake-Up Show! "

Bobby Steels, Staple' tails, MC's get your lips stapled
Project Killa Hill - is stamped on the map like the compass.
Sacred sword play tongue-twist
Piercin holes in you. - You can't escape!
70.000 kilowatts blast through your box woke with' alarm clocks
Cars drivin' slow down the block
One stopped parks, pops his trunk
Snare pops loud as Glock shots. [gunshot]
Bass like an M-80 in your face, cops stop, give us citation
We pause for radio station identification. (WAKE UP! WAKE UP!)

[Tech N9NE:]
When I Woke Up! - I got the Mic and never chocked up.
Busted a verse and all the G's in Cali locked up when I was summoned.
Styles were mixed like the Drummonds,
Killer Clown is comin' look around, your town is crumblin'.
This Big Tech from the midwest,
Leavin' MC's lipless
On the "Wake-Up Show", make up no,
Stories about my shake-up flow
Put me off in a cipher?
Potna, you can't {f*ck} with' the Sniper!
Your flow's premature, clean your dirt diaper Mic heister,
Psycho, alpha-schizo, hypno, chryo-Gat flow, Guru and ain't nobody tighter
Sway & Tech heard me flow and it's sealed
Now I got Swedish women yelling: "Tech N9NE's willed a {filled}."

This place is my house, I might as well erase my face with' White-out
Cause y'all can't see me like Ma$e's eyebrows (where you at?)
Climped out of a nice house,
Through the front window and heard this guy shout (HEY! THAT'S MY COUCH, BITCH!)
Pull a .9 out during a rhine 'bout [gun cocks] (pfyu!)
While I'm rippin' this shit, put a clip in [gun cocks] it spit 5 rounds (pfyu! 3x)
And murder you hoe's worse
Convertable flippin' vertical nose 1st
With' the top off,
Landin' upside-down. [choking]
You're tied down and duct-taped. F*ck rape!
I'd rather just hump a slut's leg, with' my nuts shaved.
And Sway & Tech. Two Disc Jokeys
Breakin' so many friggin' needles I wonder if they inject.

Lo and behold! Better than platinum or gold
Yes God bless success, never forsake your soul
Xzibit take control, locked loaded and ready to roll
Play the upper hand, a man that's never gon' fold
Cause your tape sucks, find a new hobby that you can take up
Or listen to my niggaz Tech & Sway so you can Wake-Up
The X-Man! Catch me doin' drills in the Danger Room
Big game hunting, from high-noon to the full moon.

[Pharoahe Monch:]
With' synonyms,
I get an adrenaline rush
From minimum thrusts,
Bust multiple assualts in small interims
As horrid as Boris Kolaf was
When I cut your neck, leave a little piece of flesh so the head won't fall off.
Hauled-off! Sawed-off! Shotgun blast!
He asked!
Why did he have to die like cast metal?
O! Haha! C! - Now like Omar Credle.
We pone pedal at a high resolution
On the Wake-Up Show with' Sway/Tech and DJ Revolution. [echoes] [scratches]

[Kool G Rap:]
I Sway the Tech with' the Tech and Sway
Step away, wet and spray, rep the day
Who over debt to pay get swept away
Across the whole board like checker play
When I blaze your whole sect' arrays,
Wake-Up Show for those slept away.
Niggaz that the trey, hit the deck and pray
DJ Revolution... spinnin' like lead from out the heck-AK.
Tearin' your neck away - flood up the street with' bloody decora'
Until the head of jake investigate.

[Jayo Felony:]
What? Sway can give it to you, but Whatcha Gon' Do?
With' it! Tech can give it to you, but Whatcha Gon' Do?
Rev can give it to you, but Whatcha Gon' Do?
With' it! I can give it to you, Wha'? Wha'? Wha'?

[Chino XL:]
Yo! Yo! Chino makes the world go 'round
F*ckin' up entire record companies like Harrel did to Motown
Vominous talk, poison pen, hominous walk
What flow will I destroy with' this time, the most commonest thought
The drama that's brought, caught us in a midst of sibling rivalry,
For instance, there's nothing born in existence that can survive with' me.
Clone me like sheep, I clean house like Tony Rand-all.
With' style filed for sexual harrassment like Tisha Camp-bell.
You're wack like Will Smith, your rhyme style is pansy,
I f*ckin' murder your young style like JonBenet Ramsey.
Now who the master to beg? Your demo gets passed on the reg'.
You shouldn't have been signed if you had a white cast on your leg
I'm "Wake-Up Show" reppin' with' Sway & Tech, my Tec's like "Tekken",
The industry weapon. I'm Chino XL! Bring KRS in!...

"Diriri diriri deri-dadiday!
Hey! KRS-One comin' with' the Tech & Sway."
YO! I rock up the littlest set, and on the biggest set
As I'll as it gets I still manage to wiggle your neck with' sweat.
Never forget! The bigger the budget the bigger the debt
You gotta be willin' to rock in the middle of dry and in the middle of wet
But I'm willin' to bet, on a Sway & Tech they stay in effect,
Never been a pain in the neck they gainin' never respect
Nevertheless I WRECK YOU! - Now you know what Sway & Tech do?
I'll be back but for now just sackle! - HUH? ! - FRESH! FOR 19-99 YOU SUCKAAAAAAA!
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