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Michael Lyrics
Hey my name is Michael
And I'm 34 years old
I work for this city
At least I did two months ago

Here's a picture of my boy
And he's starting to look like me
He plays his first football game
Next week against the Chiefs

His mom and him still live
On Murphy Road in our old house
And after 3 or 4 boyfriends
She's finally settled down

He's a banker out of Baker man
You oughta see her ring
And that's what's going on these days
In my life without me

Whiskey ain't been on my breath
But it stays on my mind
And I ain't had a steady hand
In such a long, long time

The devil that lived in me
Passed on this past June
When my very own flesh and blood
Said, "Daddy, I hate you"

And these days I'm on time
And I get where I'm supposed to be
I don't sleep away the daylight
Or embarass my family

His mom and him are doing great
Without that drunk S.O.B.
And that's what's going on these days
In my life without me

Yeah, you think with all this taking, man
I wouldn't want it still
But with everything in my life is changed
I know one thing never will

Hey my name is Michael
and I'm an alcoholic
one of the fallen
trying to get back on my feet

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