The Buck Stops Here Lyrics by Fantasy Three

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The Buck Stops Here Lyrics

Hey girl, stop it, you know you oughta stop it [x3]
Hey girl, stop it, you know you oughta stop!

[Verse 1]

Ha, so you say you're being true blue
I don't know who you're being true to
It's not me, it must be you
Yourself and nobody else, so put it on a shelf
Those words that you're sayin'
I know all about the games that you're playin'
But just in case you don't think I do
Allow me to run it down to you
After I'm through I'll disappear
The buck stops here, dear...

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 2]

You have a man on the side, tryin' to provide
For three little children and a sickly wife
He went to the disco on a Friday night
You laid out the bait, he started to bite
He called you honey, he gave you money
You laughed in his face, you thought he was funny
Funny lyin' to make alibis
On why he wasn't by his wife's side
You have gold chains, furs and things
You cursed when he wouldn't give you diamond rings
What made it all come to an end
He said he'd leave his wife and children
That wouldn't do for a freak like you
So you told him to pursue somebody new
He found they'd gone, he's all alone
And he's callin' you on the telephone
So you told him, "Be cool, disappear
The buck stops here, dear..."

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 3]

You head uptown, the man you see
He makes his living in the streets
He's living fast, but you live faster
Making him think that he's your master
His money is spent paying your rent
So you deal with his arrogance
He doesn't really know your residence
So you lived the life of elegance
Then when it's discovered you a lover to his brother
When brother to brother, they talk to one another
You go undercover, cos he found out
Exactly what you're all about
The only way to bring it to an end
You go to the police, you turn him in
Now he's in prison, all alone
And he's callin' you on the telephone
So you told him, "Be cool, you got five years
The buck stops here, dear..."

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 4]

Upstate you fake high society
Just trying to be a corporate lady
Meetin' with the rich, talk politics
But they don't know you're just a slick chick
Usin' your charm, silk on your arm
The social elite will all compete to beat
You're livin' the life of luxury
Smilin' all the while over cups of tea
The smile you use will abuse
Any man you choose is sure to lose
They're left behind while you go far
Eating caviar, drivin' a Jaguar
It came to an end, good things don't last
The women told the men about your past
So you packed your bags, when you get home
They're callin' you on the telephone
But the ladies make sure you can't go back there
They said, "The buck stops here, dear..."

[Repeat chorus]

[Verse 5]

There are countless others, silly lovers
When you count them, count me out
Don't talk sweet lies, shut your mouth
Cos I know what you're all about
I'll tell you something, you're all about nothing
Just a pretty girl thinkin' she's a star
Give me the keys to your car
I always wanted to drive a Jaguar
Hey baby, I go crazy over gold chains
My pockets are dry and I need some money
Don't even laugh, there's nothin' funny
Whenever you speak just call me honey
All your old ways will have to end
I make the rules, and the rules don't bend
The first rule, baby, you will adore
Tell all your friends, "Don't call no more"
It's a cryin' sin, don't shed no tear
The buck stops, you know the buck stops
The buck stops, everybody rocks
And the buck stops here dear

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