Requiem Lyrics by Foo Fighters

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Requiem Lyrics
Man watchin' video
The heart keeps on tickin'
He doesn't know why
He's just cattle for slaughter

The requiem

When the meaningful words
when they cease to function
when there's nothing to say
when willl they start plotting against you

Only a hint of religion
I'm sensing spirits of depravity
the sound of breaking glass
this is the reflection
Writer: Kay Lutter, Kevin Walker, Mark Morton, David Randall Blythe, John Campbell, Boris Pfeiffer, Will Adler, Chris Adler, Paul Ferguson, Martin Glover, Michael Rhein, Sebastian Lange, Jeremy Coleman, Reiner Morgenroth, Marco Zorzytzky, Andre Strugala
Copyright: Lyrics © Sony/ATV Songs LLC, Universal Music Publishing Gmbh, E.G. Music Ltd., Subtle Arts Of Publishing

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