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Abu's Boomin Lyrics
[MAN:] Metro Boomin in this motherf*cker *laughs*. My niggas love you, but anyway, look. Got it all, got it all, look man, I got my one, my last nigga in the city with the clean. I ain't talking about that bottom of the bottle syringe shit with that plastic hair dryer reseal, or that blue top, we ain't none of that bullshit. So look, the one rule is, when we go in don't say nothing to Abu. He old school, you feel me?

[A bell rings as the two enter the store, loud music is playing]

[MAN:] Cut.. Abu can you cut that shit down man! Please!

[ABU:] Ohhh Free Band, Free Band, welcome back to my store. Loyal customer. You see my store still booming in the drought

[MAN:] Uh, he looking for some clean

[ABU:] Clean? What the f*ck are you drinking, I thought we were drinking dirty?

[MAN:] Naw, hell naw man, I got $80-200 for you, right now. We just need a pint

[MAN #2:] Well just go get it out the back, Abu, I'm out here waiting. Let me get some cigarillos and grab a couple of Sprites

[ABU:] Just for you only I give special price

[MAN:] Keep that number right where I need it, baby and we gon...

[MAN #2:] Yeah baby I'm tryna f*ck with that 86 hunnid

[ABU:] Who the f*ck is the friend?

[MAN:] Goddamn...

[ABU:] What in the f*ck are you talking my number? Hmm?

[MAN:] Man cmon Abu, you open 24/7 now man

[ABU:] We say 7/24, not 24/7. Abu boomin motherf*cker!
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