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Aintchu Lyrics
You the little one that got that whole thing, ain't you?
You got them boys around the corner runnin' wild on that molly, ain't you?
You pourin' up your cup dirty, ain't you?
You got that mud inside your syrup
You 'bout to pour right up now, ain't you?
I bet a thousand on a thousand, ain't you?
You sippin' mud on that dirty, ain't you?
You ready to ride on these niggas, ain't you?
You put designer on your eyes, ain't you?
You take the nine out them pies, ain't you?

You hit that street [?] but you was servin' all them dimes, ain't you?
You loaded up you got that iron, ain't you?
You snappin' checks, you on that vine, ain't you?
You tryin' to f*ck her cause she fine, ain't you?
You pull up in [?] L.A. buckin' that boy
You can't get caught, you tryna sell the wrong kind, ain't you?
You sell that yay, you 'bout to go 'n' serve your uncle, ain't you?
You see that yola turn a nigga to a beast, yeah
We on that kush, poured up on some drank, yeah


You that little nigga do the murders, ain't you?
You double-cuppin' cause you want us to know you be sippin' syrup, ain't you?
You in them streets and you ain't scared, ain't you?
Your family straight if you get killed in the City, cause you insured, ain't you?
You got these niggas in they feelings, ain't you?
You got a bitch that got a booty as big as Serena Williams, ain't you?
You got bannanas, ain't you?
For these gorillas, ain't you?
Someone don't pay you, most likely gon' have to kill 'em, ain't you?
You 'bout to move, ain't you?
You got to [?]
You 'bout to do it, ain't you?
Act like them niggas in Saint Louis in the hood, ain't you?
Got your little Ruger on you, too
You 'bout to use it, ain't you?


[Double D:]
Bet a thousand, shoot a thousand, it ain't nothin'
Call Freebandz nigga, I bet we break somethin'
Future just [?]
All that. You know what I'm sayin'?
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