Future - Da Fam On Da Gram (Skit) Lyrics

Future Lyrics

Da Fam On Da Gram (Skit) Lyrics
[Phone rings]

You have reached the voice mail box of: 4045558404
(Hangs up)

[2 Men talking]
You know who this is?
It's Pauly, close the door (close that door)
Yeah this [?] at alls
Yeah we seen your instagrams
(We know who you like and who you don't like)
You think I wasn't gonna see you post those pictures?
(Soon as you said that we followed you)
We followed you in and then we followed you right back
(Huh, huh, liking bitches pictures from 70 weeks ago)
You think we can't get in computers?
(Get the duct tape Pauly)
We got to drop on you
You've left your location on, you bastard
Ey, Tony, Tony
(F*ck him)
Hey Tony
(F*ck him)
Wait a minute here goes the door
(You doin' it for the gram)
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