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Future Lyrics

Look Ahead Lyrics
Be Bold, You Smell Me, Lil Mexico!

While they laugh and shake their head
Still we coming in
Now love you
The way we go

[Verse 1:]
Was it cold nights that made me cold
Do the stress increase my hunger
Tell a lie then make a promise
Fish like a man niggafish, hit nigga this a f*cking hit
Send a nigga home full clip, traumatized by the whole trip
Boatload full of cocaina
Got some wolves 'round and some hyenas
Bought a AK like this bitch a nina
And I know I got a big enough demeanor (Future!)
Pourin' up the Dom Perignon
F*ck a pussy, f*ck a pussy 'til it's numb
Put the pussy on a nigga tongue
'Til the pussy juice runnin' down my lungs
Ain't another better feeling
Like the feeling when a nigga make it out the slums
Stackin' all my racks on racks
I got my niggas rich, I'm at the top where I belong


[Verse 2:]
Dressed up in all black leather
Bodybag .38 special
And a bad bitch a nigga treasure
Need money on a whole 'nother level
Good time, nigga good time
Barrel longer than a good time
Never sacrifice who you are
Then you turn yourself into a star
Turn myself into a avatar
Put the OG in my 'gar
Take a penitentiary chance
That's a change, eat shrimp, steak, caviar
Bloodline is a lion
Fly nigga
Walk and say when I walk, it look like a nigga flyin'
F*ck your lies and your bullshit you tryna sell me cause I ain't buyin'
Green minded like a slave field, niggas picking green like it's cotton
Money getting' burnt, money fire
Franck Muller at the new spot
Frank mattress nigga Frank Lucas
Real life on wax
Match an ordinary funeral movie
Phenomenon when the commas come
Kill the winter and then when the summer comes
Ex con, 100 round drum...Batman the paint James Bond

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