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Mad Luv Lyrics
Got a Rollie on, got reverse doors
They got mad love for us, we getting mad dough
Trying to sabotage a nigga, gettin cash-flow
We don't respect none of you niggas, we getting mad dough
They got mad love for us, gonna stay that way
We got mad goons on deck, they gone spray that way
Outside niggas infiltrating, don't play around, don't play with me
Outside niggas come around, we gone spray em down like Fireman

[Verse 1:]
Whipping the dope like it's Anime, shootin a nigga like John K
Got mojo, got mojo, I assassinate em
Driving a boat on them xans
Pour out a four in Japan, selling that dope out of France
The molly is great with a tan, the presi it look like it's dancin'
Diamonds is Mediterranean, this for the ones who abandoned me
My heart is so full of some anger, all of you niggas is dangerous
Drinking on Texas like I'm a Ranger
I would've text you if I wasn't famous
I be with Russians so f*ck you complaining?
Straight off the lot, going straight to the jeweler
Straight out the Range and jump straight in the Masi
Can't f*ck with these niggas they sheisty
Run in the bank on some robbershit
We laying you down like a carpenter
We go to clubs and stand on sofa, nigga
I toss it up with all my day one niggas


[Verse 2:]
Celine, Celine baby, I got the rings on me like Pippen
Machine machine baby, I'm in that foreign machine baby
I put the sting in the ring in Decatur
I put a two and a baby in the pyrex
I got a soft 6 O's, baby
I'ma pull up in a Rolls, nigga
I'ma sell me a whole chicken
Ice cubes on me, no freezer
Same color as a wife beater
Platinum jewels make the ice cleaner
The Actavis make the sprite pinker
That's ya bitch? I'ma gone mingle
I got my BM pushin' a beamer
Gotta keep M's like it's a Nina
Nine millimeter my little nigga
I'm true to the game, baby
I'm true to my gang, baby
Keep a tool like, a main lady
The bezel so froze cause I represent money, nigga
Smashing on these hose tossing with my day one niggas

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