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My Momma Lyrics
[Hook - Future:]
My Momma ain't raised no ho
My niggas they wrap that dough
These niggas ain't got no ho
They runnin' and kickin' in doors
My Momma ain't raised no ho [x5]
My niggas they wrap that dough
These niggas ain't got no ho
They running and kicking in doors
My Momma ain't raised no ho [x4]

[Verse 1 - Future:]
My daddy had bust him a nut
Keep a.45 tucked in the gut
Just a young nigga f*ckin' these sluts
F*ck what you thought nigga, f*ck what you mean
Sippin' on promethazine
F*ck what you mean we be gettin' to this cream
Everything that I did worth, all of my gifts and my curses
F*ck that bitch [x3], We don't give a f*ck about the bitch, I just went got me another bitch
I just went bought me a better bitch, tricking ain't nothing but a habit, smoking on some of that Cali
Enjoying my life to the fullest, the f*ck you mean nigga
Yeah I'm a money machine nigga, these bitches try out for my team nigga
She making a wish and I'm making a list
Yeah [x4]

[Verse 2 - Future:]
She didn't know real niggas like this exist, she's complementing me on my Givenchy kicks
Check out my [x3] wrist, Audemar Piguet is clean clean
That mean it ain't got no diamonds in it, GT Bentley and it's limo tinted
Free my niggas in the penitentiary, Future Hendrix limited edition
F*ck you mean nigga, f*ck you mean
Moving screens yet a new regime, Pulling up in something European
Fell in love with a lot of green

[Hook - Future]

[Verse 3 - Wiz Khalifa:]
F*ck is you saying, I take what you make in one year, spend it all on a chain
F*ck is you saying, I'm smoking my G pen until I get kicked off the plane
F*ck is you saying, my niggas all stuck to the plan now we all getting rich
F*ck is you saying, She thinks it's a Snicker, because I feed her the dick
She get wetter than rain, purer than cane, no keys for my whip, smoking this loud
F*ck is you saying, I can't hear these niggas for shit
F*ck is you saying, My niggas got clips like the movies, so duck when we spraying
All the money I'm making, come easy, you comfortable slaving
F*ck is you saying, F*ck is you doing, take her to dinner, we smoke a few joints and few minutes later we screwing
I wouldn't advise you to f*ck with me, If you get fly you look up to me
Probably get high just because of me, T.G.O.D that's my company

[Hook - Future]
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