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No Basic Lyrics
Yeah yeah, yeah yeah
You gotta feel the pain of a kid in the ghetto
Our hearts in the ghetto
Yeah yeah yeah
Turn it up a notch for the city

I do the Maserati- no basic, no basic
Gotta get that money like the 80's and save it
We went through the struggle and waited, and waited
I can't let not one of you betray me, betray me
I get exhausted off the red until I say 'uh oh'
I get exhausted of the bread on me no mo'
I promise I'ma blow the weave off this bitch, nigga
A million dollar, take a sneeze on a bitch nigga

Carbon 15, don't you take it personal
Shorty wanna spend? Fine, nigga. Away, let's go
Let's go
California dreams every single day we know
I gave her the game and I ran with it
Took all the pain and I ran with it
Took all the fame and I ran with it
I took a few losses and ran with it
I go to shoppin' [?]
Order that car and an Audemars
I'm reminiscin' about my passion, I gotta go get the cash up
Ten mail trucks, I put a bird inside a Porsche
She a bad bitch, I put that ass inside a Porsche
Got some mad killers with me ready to spray that torch
Really, really really, we some dope boys


A hundred round magazine, don't take it personal
We had some problems 'fore this rap shit taken personal
You get so much money, your past start haunting you
So many foreign broads, and they all want that revenue
Hey, I keep that dope boy knot on me. I keep one on me, yeah
[?] I f*ck that bitch, she got one on me, yeah
Saucy, drippin' off me, got designer drippin' off me, yeah
Burn some dope up, roll some dope up
Gotta smoke one, yeah
I caught a jugg at the car dealer
Paid it right there on the spot for her
Maserati truck, whoa whoa
F*ck [?] is a no-no
Real niggas do it anyway
Pop a pill, she a throw away
Crack a seal then pour away
F*ck around, take the doors away
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