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Future Lyrics

OG D Drop Lyrics
Yeah once again ya'll understand
Free Band The Movie,
In theatres now ya'll understand
Ya'll better go reach and grab it
Jumping off the shelf like singles & pringles
I-C-C double P with an R International
Road country paid rappers understand what I'm sayin?
Hold up nigga, don't be lookin down
Look around understand, new movies in town
I'm tahm bout globe to globe
Ya'll know they coast to coast
You no God damnit,
The astronuat kid been all around the world with rappin hand notes no trouble
You love emcees been having trouble with them mixes and shit
Free Band movie thing, straight up that ladder ya know what I'm sayin
I know ya'll ready God damnit ready to hear this shit
I know ya'l starvin like marvin
For understand futuristic God damn me song
From the Free Band Gang
If ain't Free Band, than it don't claim
All the false claimin niggas puttin
Free Band behind this, Free Band behind that
Guess what? ya'll better call the mother f*ckin wizard
And get it cleared
Cause ya'll too n... not to hear
Ya understand me?
One more time for the March of Dime
Ya'll know what it is
Ya'll swim in all this water
And the sharks gon miss ya
But guess what? Free Band gon getcha
Free Band, Free band, ya'll know what it is
OGD, OGD I'm out
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