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Future Lyrics

Ooooh Lyrics
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
I told that nigga, I get that [?]
If she [?]
Ooh, spinners on a cop car
Atlanta, nigga

Doin' donuts at 200, ooh
I'm on the dash, I'm on the highway, whoa
Flying through [?]
Hangin' out the window, spraying ohh
I do the dash on these niggas, ohh
I'm counting cash on 'em, whoa whoa
I'm smokin' 'dro, I'm pourin' lean, ohh
I break the bank, I blow the bank, wha

I'm poppin' tags, he poppin' tags
He swaggy and I'm flashy
I flatter up a [?] Denali, no exaggeration
Diamonds dancin' on my faces, on my preservation
Presidential status
I just whipped the coupe, the Bentley like I'm on a banshee
Doin' a donut out of Magic, 360 man
I'm poppin' tags, I drop a lil' cash, tote 'fetti, mayn
Freebandz nigga, known to f*ckin' get it, mayn
That's on my city, mane
Sippin' this, sippin' this [?]
Whippin' the coupe like a wide body
Hangin' out the window like [?]
Lettin' in off from the other side
I whip the whip from the other side
I hit the scene like a homicide
Splash, splash
I told the jeweler, "Bring everything"
My feet to the floor, I'm on everything


[Young Scooter:]
Maserati smashin', now
Future ride Bentley coupe
Young Scooter ride Bentley coupe
We do the shit that bosses do
Real street shit
No rap, I'm worth a mil or two
Scooter always flexin'
I pull up and embarrass you
Hit up Ele'ante
Yeah, that's a ice check
We don't rock fake gold
Real diamonds 'round my neck
Came up in the dope hole
Remix out my dope bowl
150 in the fast lane
I'm smashing on you broke hoes
Black Amigo gang, we love to count up
BM, FBG, we blood brothers
500 in my blunt, that's how I roll up
Blowin' fifty in the club when we turn up

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