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Running Through A Check Lyrics
I'm runnin through a check
I got money on my mind
They will never get it out
Is like a tumor on my brain
Runnin through a check
I was going through some things
And I took like a plane
Runnin through a check
I'm a get a piece about my hands
They will not understand
It's all [?] I'm runnin through a check
We [?] they will stay
And ain't got time for [?]

I don't even punk it is just a trap junk
I was stuck up in the [?] put the fore way in the trunk
'Cause the country boy shopping
I'm a flick to the next too much
Rappin up in green rapping to get to the [?]
Hi, and we were working for forever
And we were grinding for forever
And we gonna shine together
I'm a [?] everything around me [?] forever
Uncle [?] reverse yeah
Away to clever
And we've writing this down
I was [?] a crown
This ain't no disrespect but look at me now
Took a hundred pound and put that shit on wets
Now I got the whole wood screaming racks on racks


Every day you wake up tryin
And you know what you desire
To people in his [?]
Making your next move your best move
Gotta make every key you can't lose
You can't snoo and you gotta pay dues and more dues
And all the fake [?] you gotta see through
Can't see I got them knees and I ain't [?]
I'm a stay fly till I'm leaving
And if you go before I go is worth thing you need to know

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