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Smoke & Mirrors Lyrics
Most of this shit smoke and mirrors

Don't believe what they tell you Smoke and Mirrors!
Half that shit they sell you Smoke and Mirrors!
You know you gotta hit Smoke and Mirror!
You niggas can't be serious!

Don't believe what they tell you Smoke and Mirrors!
I know you bitches feelin' it Smoke and Mirrors!
They wanna see ya fade Smoke and Mirrors!
You niggas can't be serious!

They gas you up like AMACO and feel your head with lies
Tell the team that got you here they ain't worthy for the ride
You need to cut em off immediately they not good for you
They tell you anything you wanna here but it's up to you to know what's really going on thinks of what the fakest
Everything that glitters ain't gold have patience
They rather see you fall
They don't wanna see you ball
They gone try they damn best to come between in you all

Put the picture in the media bout the drama
Don't know heart or work it took from them summers
Now they wanna add you on Twitter like they yo kin
Nigga I know you ain't my friend


I camoflauge my jacket blendin' in with the snakes
I'm drinkin' on some active and I swear I taste like grapes (Lean)
I got to be on drugs just to deal with the fake
This shit going on in the industry ain't no way am relate
You got to keep it real with the niggas that's around you
The ones that who was there before the fame, the ones that keep you grounded
You gotta show love to the hood in every county
Every City, every girl a kissin' baby, hugging mothers
Them old folks they f*ck with Future like they young again
Ain't no way I'm a let you hold me back I'm going in
My top off go and kicks some rocks off nigga f*cking with a young boss

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