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Straight Up Lyrics
Grab the Gucci group song like it snorkels, straight up
Big booty freak and she fart, straight up
I'm a whole chief baby boy, straight up
Got bread on the bottom of the shoes, straight up
Got the racks over there with a get go me, straight up
I'm a spaz on you, straight up
Throw some cash on ya, straight up
Bide me with the Leafer like you government goes up, straight up
Baby girl, I drive you, know it gotta be Panamera

[Verse 1:]
A girl I pay, it ain't gon' double land
On top my skrank, cause I run to the Benz
I'm automatic, don't fool around those and
Got those red bottles, full of additives and pens
I'm a hard top, I'm a popular demand
With a penthouse, but care where I'm gonna stand
And I'm coming up with this badass Dominican
Gotta cost over eighty racks for me to go sit in
I'm an astronaut, yes, yes, this I am
I'm a take these coif and cash out on the land
Most of red bottles, Jimmy Choo, are you in?
F*ck the trip call, nigga it ain't no compare


[Verse 2:]
I'm a go to Mars (then what?)
Then take the baddest broad
This ain't no façade
G, a natural born star
Emilio (what up?)
Vanity, no pooch
Show more flow
We gonna sleep in Gucci
This ain't trip enough
This how you kick it with a bawse
We blasting off (what?)
Like a rocket with two top
On another level, we put diamonds in our clubs
Keep your head enough
Like a rock star so don't you cause
From another planet
Yeah, yeah, yes I am
I got your baby ma'am and she in love with who I am
Run panoramic, with the turbo boost
And she hoppin' on it like she down with Serous

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