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Truth Gonna Hurt You Lyrics
Future Hendricks
My experience
Feel my music, hear my music
It's a cold-cold-cold world baby
Put on your coat
Preferably, check sure 'bout it

I didn't wanna lie to ya
But it sound more fly to ya
I didn't wanna lie to ya
I swear it sound way fly to ya
Cause the truth is gone hurt you
The truth gone hurt you
I swear the truth gonna hurt you
Truth gon' hurt you

I live a california lifestyle
All these girls around me, gone wild
And I'm so caught up in my own style
I can't see you niggas in the crowd
I'm so far, ain't gonna never come down
You can ask around, I run the town
Everyday for me, a fashion show
I'm Future in this and I run Pluto
I'm a rockstar forever, I need to get my act together
When changin' up the weather, it's so hard to be settle
Since we first got together
Things changed for the better
I got die hard fans and they treat me very special
Heard about forty bitches in the lobby
Ask me about it, hold nobody


Oh boy, the first class flight
Can't pack a bag over night
Cause I'm a shop when I land
Yea, I'm a shop when I land
When you playin' with them band
Five-sweet-o, to this all we stand
Don't frustrate
I been up late
(Just thinkin' of shxt you know what I mean)
Goin' over my plan
Feel like the second it's in
Too thangs you wouldn't understand
Under the hot light
Sex up in money
Everything we do we do it alway' to the money
I got a trio, tryna suck me up like Tito
Ain't fallin' in lust
You need to trust like I tell you

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