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Unconditional Love Lyrics
If you love me, love me unconditional
Patience is a virtue that come residual
These be the realest words I ever said [x2]
I'm a try to get to know you, not your physical
Gotta a bad habit and you scared to let it go
These be realest words I ever said [x2]

[Verse 1:]
Can't be a baby forever
You gotta crawl before you walk
Comprehend and then you talk
You might just fall, but don't fall off
You get back up and take it as a lost
You live and You learn and it ain't always yo fault
And we ain't always gone see eye to eye: compromise
And I just want you hold me down 3-6-5
With no complaining
Relationship get draining
I pray for my sanity
I'm tryna better my family
Through the blood, sweat, and tears
Don't get caught up in the fame, that's how we live
And you wake up and your dreams right in front of you
They say success don't change you, it reveal you


[Verse 2:]
How old you say you was? (college girl)
And you sweet too
I would introduce you to my sweet tooth
But I ain't get the chance to personally meet you
But I must say it was nice to meet you
And I hope you don't get offended
I'm in another state of mind right now
And I hope you understand I'm on my grind right now
My vision like a tunnel
Standin' in the jungle
I want to sing to you but it's music every single summer
I miss my motherf*ckin' uncle
I'm a be all I can be nigga!

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