Gandalf - Nightderanger Lyrics

Gandalf Lyrics

Nightderanger Lyrics
I am your nightderanger
I am your soul eraser
I'm gonna get you high
I'm gonna suck you dry
I am your inspirator
I am your devastator
I'm gonna make you learn
I'm gonna make you burn

I'm gonna make you change
And won't that feel strange
Just sit back and enjoy the ride
Your life won't be the same
But don't be ashamed
The shame will always subside

I will bring you glory
I will bring you sin
I will bring you power
IThe kingdom within

Escape your reality
And take a trip with me
'Cos I am your destiny
Your boring life will be
A distant memory
Just accept my bribery

Don't try to get away
I'm here to make you stay
This is your lucky day
What, don't you like to play?

Just take a taste of me
And you'll be under my spell
Because I am your nightderanger
And you're going straight to hell
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