Gargoyle - Look Homeward Lyrics

Gargoyle Lyrics

Look Homeward Lyrics
Spend a lifetime forging onward and never look behind
A dark fate awaits if you should fall
See the path unwind before you destination clear
If you choose to answer the call
The time has come to leave the past behind
Don't let the future pass you by

Plunging headlong into life when no one sets the pace
Familiar faces in the wake
The time has come to slow this deadly pace
Don't let this moment slip away

Take the time don't toss aside today because the future's in your hand
The golden path will never fade away if you really understand

Life is short and time is fleeting every second counts
Don't waste a moment just move on
Look around the world you've made a vision half complete
Look homeward you were never gone

When the striving is over the lines from tension still remain
No one's left to conquer proved superior
Can't even see you at the top no
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