Gargoyle - Out From The Shadows Lyrics

Gargoyle Lyrics

Out From The Shadows Lyrics
You've seen me before my friend my face is etched in stone
An image reappearing in your mind
My life has been an open book but still you'll never know
The reason I have come for you this time

In the burning daylight you'll see the truth is oh so clear
But in the falling twilight you will begin to quake with fear
Out from the shadows it comes for you, there's only a moment to pray
Hiding in darkness I'll wait for you, your soul is the price that you'll pay

So many lifetimes I have known so many tortured souls
Repentance such a petty price to pay
My blood has spilled a million times for no apparent cause
The journey of a lifetime gone astray

Now my friend the time has come to hear the piper's call
Can you figure out which way to turn
With these final words I speak the meaning not so clear
Is my quest in vain or will you burn
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