Garth Brooks - Cowgirl's Saddle Lyrics

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Cowgirl's Saddle Lyrics
Last thing I remember was saying,
"Hey y'all, watch this." Next thing I know I'm walking toward this light
When a voice from out of nowhere asked this question.
"Garth, what did you love most in your past life?"
"Well," I said, "it had to be between cowgirls and horses."
And as I wondered which one that I would settle on,
The voice said, "May you be happy with your answer."
I said, "What answer?" He said, "Watch this." And I was gone.

Now I'm back as a cowgirl's saddle
Heaven on Earth for all eternity
Forever in between
Every cowboy's dream
Riding horses, holding rodeo queens

Sew me, show me, throw me in the pickup
Take me, break me, make me what you need
It's safe to say we're made for one another
And you'll never fall if you just stick with me

Fit me, sit me, get me how you want me
Can't believe I'm out here flying with an angel
Oh this afterlife's sure looking up for me


Loping, roping, hoping that you're happy
Racing, placing, chasing all your dreams
Makes me think if I'd lived life a little better
Would I've come back as a pair of cowgirl jeans


Every cowboy's dream
You know just what I mean
Riding horses, holding rodeo queens

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