Blazin On A Sunny Afternoon Lyrics by G-Eazy

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Blazin On A Sunny Afternoon Lyrics
Yeah, I woke up around 12,
Looked to my right found a bag on the shelf,
I twist one up, burn a zap to myself
And I don't give a f*ck if it's bad for my health
I'm mad stressed out
Cos last week, see my girl just left out
I went to roll another j and I'm fresh out
See I'm bummed I ain't even get none last night when I went out
Damn and now the room's all hazy
Eyes start to look asian when I'm blazey
Think I'm bout to lay around today and be lazy
Maybe might call a squeeze over to amaze me
Yeah, as you can see I've got some issues
I've got my medical card it's gettin' misuse
So I'm stop it if it's bammer I'm off it
I'm teach with a fatty full of maui wowie dog shit

[Mod Sun]
G-Eazy n Mod Sun
Now I ain't gonna do that regular stoner rap type shit
Where I like, take a hit into the mic before my verse,
But I'm hippie-hop, 70s mentality type shit
Came from a family, hip days
My parents both smoked js on the 7th day
Shit even when my mom was pregnant she still blazed
So I've been high before I even lived one dazed
But I ain't confused can chop it any way
whatever (pbleeea) you chose
Ain't nothing bong time night for solo puffin vapor space cake
Whatever it'd take to get us copper
We'd do that
Yea we blazed it
Ain't a strain alive that I haven't tasted
(Sobriety) without the Brooklyn base means
I (stole some bible kids some gift tricks) from the guy who raised it
(shh don't say shit)
Faded but that's so (vibrate)
Never been too high to keep climbin
Got a fresh drop of the Harvard's moon
Bake with me I guarantee that everyday's just like a sunny afternoon
G hit me up
Said he was on some 1967 type shit
So that's where I am
Mod Sun, hippie-hop M-O-D S-U-N
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