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I Might Lyrics
[Hook - P-Lo:]
When she see me, she wanna take a flick
Come to my house, then I make her strip
I'm a player, you on the bench
I said, I might, I might just f*ck your bitch
I said I might, I might just f*ck your bitch
I said I might, I might just f*ck your bitch
I said I might, I might just f*ck your bitch
I said I might, I might just f*ck your bitch
I said I might

I said I might
You know I'm thinking about it
I'm pondering the decision

You ain't wavy, there's no beach around, please, sit down
Stretch Armstrong ass rappers out here reaching now
Pay attention, listen up, I'm teachin' now
Hit your brakes, you're screeching now
Pulled two bitches for the threesome, each are down
Have no mercy on a person with a bitch who's thirsty
Because firstly, you will lose if it's you verse me
Hop on Google, you can search me
Been this person since the nursery
Bow down, you're not worthy
Damn, her ass is fat and boobs are perky
Should I hit that? I may or may not, still on the fence
Snatch if I want her, I'm willing to bet
Bet the house, if I ain't stealing her yet
By the time she meet me, you don't feel I'm a threat?
You'll feel the regret
Bitch, I'm a thief, don't you see these gold teeth?
I'm as evil and cold as a villain could get


[K Camp:]
Look, dog, dog out, ain't nothing changed
New city, plus new hoes, equals, new pussy, just to entertain
Capping out, I want the whole thing
Let her swallow the whole thing, freaky hoes got no shame
If you throw that back bitch, I won't complain
All in the club, go commando
She a trap girl, met her ass at the bando
Pouring up more than she can handle
Ones on the booty, man, aawe peep Nando, damn
Let the lil bitch take that, like Diddy
You know what it is, everytime I'm in the city
Slums in this bitch, let the shit get gritty
Whole lotta ass, plus the face real pretty
Okay, but look at the shit that I'm on
Bought a new whip, bought a new home
Bought her new lips, that for the dome
Bought a new bitch, I can't go wrong
Ho at the six, leave me alone
G it's too easy, I'm growing like phones
She gave me the pussy, boy, off of this song


Damn, I done took your beezy
Everytime I'm gone, she say that she need me
She ain't get no call, she know I got reasons
They ain't really balling, you know that they reaching
I'm thuggin' with my bros, I bet she make it grow
Don't got love for these hoes, lil stunner
She want it in her, raw, you know Imma tell her naw
I put it in her jaw, lil stunner
Took your bitch after the club, she wanna f*ck, aye, aye, aye
She in a rush, maybe she think she in love, aye, aye, aye
I just took your bitch and I ain't even try
All I say is real and I can't even lie
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