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The Outsider Lyrics
Now how you measurin'
Tellin' her or who's better than
Shit, I made it here with the team on my back no letterman
Tour like I'm a veteran
Cali to the Netherlands
But he's an average joe, they say he'll never win
White rapper with a cheesy name
Thinkin' he might find eazy fame (false)
Haters please refrain
Look at all these fans you seen me came
Real recognizes real
Maybe that's why you can't see it
Put your readin' glasses on
High up and I'm passin strong
I engineer my sessions
I can prolly teach you lessons
There's so much more that meets the eye upon your first impressions
See, I work hard but don't we all
I rip shows? but don't we all or do we
Rappers say alot but boy I, boy I really ball
Traded in my social life for pro tools and a mac
Stayin' in of Friday night's layin vocals on my tracks
Swear I never use to party I was focused on the plaque
Thought I fade away and quit, you fools I told you I'd be back
I be in the lab like dexter and your as fake as polyester
Do it all I stuck with school I'm bout to start my last semester
So, can't tell me what it is to grind
Did my thang and I took my time
Class of my own boy I'm so stoned
I'm high as diddy's credit line
Why would I stand where I don't fit in
Why would I rap if I ain't chipped in'
Why would chick keep lookin' at me
When it's clear to see that she came with him
Shoot for the starts and I aim to win
Smokin' good and drinkiin' gin
Girls get loose, poorin big juice
Party all night till it hit AM
Yeah yeah I'm on my way
Why would I trip off what they say
Hit the stage for 30 minutes get off making twice their pay
Damn and that some real shit you should think about it
If you took the time to listen stead of poutin you'd be proud to
See, regardless of what they speak
They can talk I turn my cheek
Givin' up and walkin' home and call it a day is super weak
I keep going I'm runnin' on E
Rap cats really got nothin' on me
Check this out what you don't see is
For a minute I be killin' it shit low-key
Labels try to fly me out
Buy me sushi sit me down
But I don't fit in with the mainstream now
So I guess that means we can't be down
Sorry fools but I refuse to simply compromise my sound
I'll be up on me indy shit
You see my bro I get around
Give my music all away
And then I tour away for what I got in store
I'm a young entrepreneur
See everytime I worry
Or feel a bit unsure
I hit the stage and look around and feel so reassured
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