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These Things Happen Album Lyrics
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These Things Happen

[Verse 1:]
Let's go
Party in a penthouse, until I pass the f*ck out
Reminiscing being broke and hoping I would luck out
Now-a-days I pull hoes; Swinging, never struck out
Reinvested everything, just trying to get a buck out
Will I ever make it? Felt fear on my life
For a while was going through a nervous patch
Then I had the most insane year of my life
Crazy, cause I only saw the surface scratched
Yeah, waking up next to a random girl I never knew
Goin' after Marilyn's instead of Sue's
Tryna bring her backstage then see what she let me do
Till security was like, "wait up, who the f*ck are you?"
Set backs of being almost on
Opening up the shows I'm trying to get noticed on
Labels calling the telephone that I wrote this on
But I press decline, hit notes, and keep on going on
Take a look at us, it's what you call a team
Freight train, I'm leading everybody, fullows steam
Drinking simultaneously, rolling collard greens
Maybe I was higher than a bitch and this was all a dream
Still killing shows with Blizzy
'Member being in his Jeep and riding through the city
Played him Endless Summer said get used to staying busy
Cause you'll never get a fallback, let's go and get a milli
Brought him on tour just to live it
Poppin after parties with some girls who want to give it
All my close homies keep me grounded like a pivot
Talkin' about a way to get it, we already did it!
Switchin' lanes when that Porsche shifts
Homies movin' weight just like a forklift
When my album drops, Jedis can feel the force shift
Meanwhile, you lyin-ass rappers droppin' horse-shit
Only pay attention if you pay me
Chilling with a Sarah and a Vicky and a Jamie
Just a young man living life, could you blame me?
Overcast is snowy but the titty bar is rainy
Dreaming of a million while I sleep on satin
Homies always telling me "just keep on rapping"
I'mma blow the f*ck up while you sleep on napping
F*ck you want me to say?
These Things Happen


Far Alone

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Yeah, blue jeans, Air ones and a white tee
'06 hangin' out the window like, yee
Hyphy on one, off a bottle might be, my tree
Smokin' Agent Orange, Hi-C
Back when me and Marty was recordin' at my Mom's
Most of y'all were chasin' around bops
Always in the lab, only hoping that my job
Never would be based around mops now I'm on
Yeah, she know; love me cause my ego
Girls and the drugs always follow us where we go
Ay, where the Bay at!?
Shouts out to Jay Ant
Lookin' for the party girls, let me know where they at
Skinny rich girls always askin' where the yay at
Throw a house party like cool, where you stay at?
Turn upside down, let her twerk on the wall
Took her to the bathroom and did work in the stall

[Hook: Jay Ant]
They used to tell me I couldn't go too far alone
They used to always say I couldn't go too far alone
But now I'm here bitch! [x3]

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
From the BART train to a tour bus
Still the same game except I'm pulling more sluts
More butts, more bucks, never giving more f*cks
Did it my way, I'm never taking short cuts
Raised in that town like fool, who put you upon?
All these Bay sounds, Mac Dre is who I grew up on
I'm just selling game got you if you need a coupon
You can check my resume, see every beat I threw up on
Smoking on grapes, rollin up swishers, no papes
Back of the Ghost, closed drapes
I'm a boss tycoon
Girls in the crowd all swoon
Super high, I'm off to the moon
And I vanished with your girl then I took her to my room
She wants me to slay ooh-kay, that means doom
Boom, and it's to be expected
Knew this would happen as soon as she texted

[Hook: Jay Ant]


I Mean It

[Intro: G-Eazy]
You know if I say something I mean it
These things happen

[Hook: Remo]
If I ever said I'm never scared
Just know I mean it
If I ever said I f*cked your bitch
Just know I mean it
And if I ever said I'm gettin' money
Just know I mean it
And oh Lord oh Lord knows
He knows I mean it
Yeah, you know I mean it
You know I mean it
Just know I mean it
Just know I mean it
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
If I say that shit then I mean it
She calls me, I screen it, I'm only f*ckin' if it's convenient
You lie on pussy, that's weak shit, we pass pussy 'round, that's G shit
But you ain't fam so what is this "we" shit?
You cuff yours and then leash it
Listen, I'm tellin' you, it's my world, I does what I wish to
If you're mad well too bad, sounds like a personal issue
I walk in, they all stare like "Who the f*ck is this dude?"
Kicks game is just rude, don't get jiu-jitsued
Tunnel visions, I get ahead, stayed solid I never fled
My haters feel like I'm better dead but I'm quite alive getting bread instead
With a better girl, with a better face, I'm in a better place gettin' better head
"I just wanna stay broke forever," yeah that's that shit no one ever said

[Hook: Remo]

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
Signed Gerald, I'm sincere
This year I'm in here, I'll spell it out to make things clear
Meanwhile your end's near, I've gotta land and I'm in gear
You people wonder who's next up, that conversation really ends here
You rappers just talk a bunch, stress me out, I chop a dutch
Weak rappers tryna bite the sound, but my style is a lot to munch
I'm more like whiskey neat, and you're more like vodka punch
G's dope, he might blow up, think I know, I've got a hunch
On my side it's authentic, you try to stunt but it's all rented
But you're dope you got a bad chick, yeah, cool bro we all get it
She wears a ring, came through without it
You really think she stay true? I doubt it
Cause I'm f*cking your girlfriend, and there's nothing you can do about it

[Hook: Remo]





Opportunity Cost

Everything costs something bro
Winning somewhere, somewhere else you just lost something though
The cost of opportunities is always good to know
But if you know that then you're good to go
Yea, no dreams too big
Chase anything you have the passion to do
Only a dream 'till it happens to you
Finally seeing money now I'm acting a fool
Never thought touring the world all year would be something I might actually do
Friends came through got me so high
I forgot who I was passin' it to
Party in a mansion splash in a pool
Reminiscing '06 back in the school
When my whole crew would come through and rap with us too
Couple of them been goons, packin in a tool
Go ahead try and talk shit on me
I squad up come back with a crew
Call me a bitch see what that's gonna do
Fights in the streets like that shit was cool

Yea, We used to do dumb shit daily
Dreamed since I was just a baby
Now I'm here its "F*ck you, pay me"
I just had enough of waiting
I worked hard, they stuck with lazy
If I stayed I'd have just went crazy
People change
Everything's in constant motion
My old girl's across the ocean
Some stuff fades thats lost devotion
Some folks stay some come and go
Ain't what you think it's what you know
I must run fast you're running slow
Smoke, break down some kush and roll a dutch
Right now my vibe's so alive so please
When we smoke just hush
Me and some of those who's closest to me haven't spoken much
Crazy when you learn the cost of blowing up

I know I should keep in better touch
But that door it never shuts
Even when we chilled I never said that much
Sometimes it be worth the bullshit sometimes you should let it flush
Yea, but when I'm on tour now I just get a rush
Everything is hella plush
Get caught up in all the girls I get and stuff
Meanwhile I see some girls I used to know are getting wed and stuff
Having kids with full salary jobs while I'm just getting drunk
Missing every birthday anniversary
Yesterday my moms got out of surgery
Wasn't even in town
Shows and after parties what I've been 'round
Finding out the news late
Imagine how that shit sound
Sit down priorities are all over the place and shit
Stress levels rise and that J gets lit
Try on shoes that Jay Z fit
F*ck all that complacent shit
I'm just dropping crazy shit
Trying to outdo those fool who think they can spit
But I can't even lie
All this real life shit is passing me by
Talking to myself and I'm asking me why
Would I feel better as an average guy?
But I know that's just a lie
Pour up a glass and get high
Rockstar life taking a toll on me like I'm asking to die
Going on tour for 6 months, hug moms right after she sigh
Look up wish me luck when you see that plane pass in the sky
No Stress bullshit gets passed to the side
Working hard to make sure I'mma be the man when I die

Hey Gerald I just wanted to leave a message
Just to talk about with you
You have risen to the peaks of A. behavior
And creativity, and its just the begging Gerald
and it's going to be your life by the sounds of it, and I'm just so proud
I just wanted to call and sound like my cheery self when I'm happy
So it's just the beginning your going to be blown away
And you have your grounding, and yourself and thats so rare
So I'll talk to you soon and
Play on
Ok sweetie I love you bye


Almost Famous

Young with too much cash, watch how I came up fast
They say I'm next to get it
They bring your name up last
And while I made it splash, rappers came and passed
But still I ask myself
How long does famous last? [5x]

[Verse 1]
I'm addicted to this lifestyle, never going back to no basic shit
When we on tour every night's wild
Thinking about the days we weren't making shit
Spending everything just to make it back
Saying everything never take it back
So if you don't f*ck with me
I'm okay with that [2x]
In a black shirt and some faded jeans
Been around the world in these APC's
Working non stop trying to take the keys
Off the lot next week spending 80 g's
Intro my floor to your lady's knees
Always on tour cause I'm making cheese
Michigan in February is 8 degrees
And the fans waiting outside could maybe freeze
Yeah, smoking on killa
Never going nowhere unless your team is strong
Yeah, finally making skrilla
Everywhere I go bring my team along

Yeah, now I'm almost famous
Still right here with the oldest faces
Swear I came up from the coldest places
Young man gets everything, he goes and chases
Aw man


[Verse 2]
I'm trying to marry Kate Upton, blow this money too quickly
To them squares who trying to hate: f*ck them
You can't catch me I move too swiftly, I'm always going through customs
When I leave I'm knowing you miss me
We run through bottles like nothin', like I'm tryna drown in this whiskey
Indulge in everything we wish
We drink it straight with no mixers, got bitch drinks if you squeamish
At the after parties, no pictures
My bag of trees looks greenish, got a bad bitch to roll swishers
This lifestyle's the sweetest
Man I'm shining now just like fixtures
Yeah, do it for my city
Everywhere I go bro, I rep the Bay
Yeah, tell you it's a pity
But hating f*cks always got shit to say



How long does famous last? [5x]


Lotta That

[Hook 1:]
Talking 'bout whiskey bottles
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Talking 'bout skinny models
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Talking 'bout groupie chicks
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Talking 'bout lucid trips
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
I got a lot of hoes, all up on my dick
I got a lot of o's, all up on my check
And yeah that loud ass tree
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Bad chicks you wanna smoke with me?
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])

[Verse 1 - G-Eazy:]
Yeah I get a lot of checks and yeah I have a lot of sex
And labels know I got up next
Yeah she knows she got the best
I got her wet she got undressed
I nutted all across her chest
I don't even gotta flex, I never do respond to texts
And now she went and got obsessed
Y'all are just the hottest mess
You're simple you are not complex
I'm sorry I am not impressed
Back on my bullshit again
I am having way too much fun
I'm in a section with 7 Kate Mosses around me
I swear I can't only touch one
Whiskey no rum
I gave her something to rub on her gum and her face just went numb
Still going dumb cause I know where I'm from
Bruh, bruh I speak that Bay Area tongue

[Hook 1]

[Verse 2 - G-Eazy:]
Alcohol and weed, really anything you need
Best believe we got a lotta that
Studio with hella purp
I just put in hella work now look at where it got us at
Heard you got some new shit coming
Friends are all like "shoot me something
Homie when you dropping that?"
Maybe I could be the biggest
Rapper working in the business, wait, I never thought of that
Just take a look at the scores, I put numbers up on the boards
I'm in a section with models
And you're at the bar tryna get at a cluster of fours
When that bottle pours I just keep drinking it straight
And get faded and pass out on floors
Homies like "Bro, that's my girl, what the f*ck are you doing?"
Oops, ain't know that was yours!

[Hook 1]

[Verse 3 - A$AP Ferg:]
Ah, I just shitted on you
Probably licking your honey like Winnie the Pooh
Knock you on the ground then I'm lifting my boot
He get beat like Timbalands head of my group
These ain't Louboutins, but there's red on my shoe
Cause I let that Ruger fly like a pelican do
This rapper shit light, I'm telling you, dude
When I flow niggas drown on jell-o canoes
Better learn your algebra and your decimals too
Cause you square motherf*ckers can't mess with my crew
Your bitch on my dick and her lesbian boo
They kiss on the dick, I caress on the boobs
Now I'm just deciding on what R.Kelly'll do
Just pissed on that bitch, filled her belly with juice
Minute Maid lemonade from my testicle, boo
That's what a nigga get when you testing my crew (boo)

[Hook 2:]
Talking 'bout whiskey bottles
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Talking 'bout skinny models
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Talking 'bout groupie chicks
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])
Talking 'bout lucid trips
(Gotta lotta lotta lotta that [x2])

[Verse 4 - Danny Seth:]
(The British are coming)
Man, I gotta lotta bitches
All up on my dick head Danny
"Can I suck you off" is all I'm really used to hearing
Call me Mr. Greedy cause I'm not the type for sharing
And I'm always seeing doubles so my bitches come in pairs
They tryna f*ck with me
All my white girls sniffing Britney
They never used to notice now they digging me
Reverse Gerald's name cause I get 'em Eazy-G
F*ck boy talking out of turn
My brothers leave you sleeping in an urn
Yeah, I've had a lotta sex
And yeah, I've cut a lot of checks
I'm counting so much paper until my f*ckin' fingers hurt
Swear I deaded off the beat somebody bring a hearse
Holler at my at my manager it's 10 K for a verse
That's why I'm filling all these empty duffle bags for features
Don't come around my presence with your mother's empty purse

[Hook 2]


Factory Girl (Skit)

These two are the leaders
No party in New York is considered a success
Unless they are there
It's hard to explain this young lady and man
They say they don't want to be explained


Downtown Love

[Hook - John Michael Rouchell:]
Downtown love
Don't want none of your downtown love
Downtown love
Don't want none of your downtown love
Just wonderin' if you notice me
Just wonderin' if you notice me

[Verse 1 - G-Eazy:]
Wood floors in your Soho apartment
Every morning always roll one and spark it
Credit cards left on your glass table
You been wildin' since I met you last April
A beautiful, outgoing, alcoholic, socialite
Like the way I talk to you, I was so polite
Always claimin' that you're not the type to notice hype
But that's the reason why we kicked it and you know it's right
I was your Bob Dylan, you were my Edie Sedgwick
But where I used to see beauty, now I just see pathetic
It was fun while it lasted but you'll never get it
You're living in your own world, where love is all synthetic
Yeah, and now you walk around woefully
For a minute thought about forever like it's Jodeci
But now you're spiraling and falling over hopelessly
And I just wonder if you notice me, yeah

[Hook - John Michael Rouchell]

[Verse 2 - G-Eazy:]
And you're just spending your allowance cash
On some shopping sprees, drinks, and a powder stash
But it drains like the sand in an hour glass
And when it does is when I see you turnin' sour fast
Free falling from the sky 'till the gravel caught us
Spending cash, burning holes in her fragile pockets
Doin' drugs on the surface of Apple products
Started beautiful but look at where havoc brought us
And it was fun but I could never be the one for you
You're never happy, always looking 'round for something new
But it was unbelievable when I was f*cking you
Thought that I was momentarily in love with you
Nah, see you're in love with material
And even more in love with attention
Walking through life so eager for affection
And never really was a connection, nah

[Hook - John Michael Rouchell]

[Pre-Verse 3:]
So in love with the scene she was
4AM is when she leaves clubs

[Verse 3 - G-Eazy:]
In love with fashion, still trying to be Audrey Hepburn
Grabs the check, but she spends what she hasn't yet earned
Life's a bitch, if you play with fire you get burned
The road to riches could throw you off at the next turn
Yeah, poor little rich girl
Cries her eyes out, it's all part of the show
Fell in love with the fast life but started it slow
Loves creative types, slept with every artist she know
Comes from high society, but they frown on her actions
Instagrams half naked, how she sounds in her captions
Always snobby and conceited, she knows what the deal is
Wants to party, thumbs through a rolodex full of dealers
Yeah, cause she said the high was divine
The first time is what she kept on searching trying to find
Scared to lose it all but everything was nothing inside
Couldn't face the truth but everyone's got something to hide
It's ironic how conscious she is of how she appear
Two hours getting dressed but still can't look herself in the mirror
Making poor choices, even at her wealthiest year
Was a fast lifestyle that no one helped her to steer, yeah

[Outro - John Michael Rouchell:]
Downtown love
Don't want none of your downtown love



[Verse 1:]
And f*ck whoever thought it wasn't that hard
$1,500 dollar limit dreaming about a black card
Aiming for the stars, with a rocket in the back yard
Hard to keep a good girl, not trying to play that card
But never had no cash to spend
Need a whip? I ask a friend
If I can't we'll stay in, even sweats you look attractive in
Cook a meal at home, some yellow tail I pour a glass, pretend
Smash all night then wake you up to smash again
Felt like we could never do wrong, and you been down for too long
There's nothing to improve on, that's why I could never move on
From clippin' out a coupon, from sleeping on a futon
To being driven in a presidential Lincoln or a Yukon
And I know you always stay down for the cause
You love me even for the flaws
But don't do this shit for applause
Soon as I get right then I'mma take care of you
Swear I'm so prepared to love you
Know it's no one there above you


[Verse 2:]
Yeah, pick it up where I left you at
Never want to go have to go get you back
Enough hard times, yeah we went through that
Big ol' house, I'mma get you that
Overseas trips, baby let's do that
Lookin' at your face and I'm thinking' about the place where I met you at
Yeah, and since day one, you supported these dreams
Always stayed right by my side
Trust, I notice these things
Even way, way back
When my buzz was dead like bee stings
Broke as ever, when your vision's far it's tough to see things
And whenever we ate out, we might split an entree
Bank account with $3k, that's no relation to Andre
And that would be a hot day save for rain, that's what my moms say
I think just putting cash away is what she was trying to convey
Cause money comes, money goes; People switch to funny roles
Anyone would tell you that one good girl's worth twenty ho's
Soon as I get right I'mma take care of you
Swear I'm so prepared to love you
Know it's no one there above you



Let's Get Lost

[Devon Baldwin:]
Take me down, take me all the way down tonight
Soon I'll be leaving
Break me down, break me all the way down
Before the night is over

Let's get lo-o-o-ost
Let's get lo-o-o-ost [2x]

What it is?
What it could be?
My imagination runs fast
Only if you coming with me
4AM staying up past
However long these drugs last
Don't know why I live so fast
They be telling me to slow down
I be screamin' out "F*ck that"

I really want to take you down
Moanin' is how I wanna make you sound
Can't wait until I get you home
F*ck that I wanna take you now
Let's do it all
Have a ball
Hook up tonight in the ladies room stall
Follow you there I'll let you make the call
You can text all your friends say you'll see them tomorrow

Yeah, that's if you're down
She'd never f*cked the first night until now
Let me plow, faded
I'm drunk off the brown
Stay up all night on the town
Act like tomorrow just doesn't exist
Time isn't real ain't shit on my wrist
Let go of everything, then you have bliss
Then she told me this

Take me down, take me all the way down tonight
Soon I'll be leaving
Break me down, break me all the way down
Before the night is over

Let's get lo-o-ost
Let's get lo-o-ost [2x]

Let's get lost tonight
You can be supreme Kate Moss tonight
Turn up in a SoHo loft tonight
Do drugs take ten shots tonight
Awesome I'm naked with Naked & Famous jeans on the floor
Livin' wild life you ain't seen this before
You should give brains and I mean this for sure
That's what genius is for

Beautiful girl that I just met on tour
Another good girl that I'll probably destroy
Her life was stable until she met me
Sheltered and safe so she never gets free
But she loves trouble she's drawn to the danger
Never goes crazy, I bet I can change her
I can make her fall in love with a stranger
Switch up the pace, I don't mean ? Granger

Can't wait til tomorrow
Fine with today
You're pretty as f*ck
And I'm trying to slay
Let's do this right now is what I'm trying to say
I could tell you don't love him
You're dying to stray
I do not give a f*ck bought your ex
I'm not looking for love
I'm just looking for sex
Tension between us had me feeling vexed
Then she sent me a text

Take me down, take me all the way down tonight
Soon I'll be leaving
Break me down, break me all the way down
Before the night is over

Let's get lo-o-o-ost
Let's get lo-o-o-ost [2x]

Oh oh..

That's that endless summer
Never going back to school
We do what we wanna
Can't tell me no rules
Every night on the town
Going out all the time
And I'm tryna take you down
Only thing on my mind

Take me down, take me all the way down tonight
Soon I'll be leaving
Break me down, break me all the way down
Before the night is over

Let's get lo-o-o-ost
Let's get lo-o-o-ost
Let's get lo-o-o-ost
Let's get lo-o-o-ost


Shoot Me Down

[Verse 1:]
Yea, I may be right I may be wrong
But you gone' miss me when I'm gone
A modern Johnny Cash and June
We never got along
Just think about me when you play this song
I'll make it on just watch
You'll be so regretful
And revenge is sweet
I get full quickly, then I just forget you
But I can't even tell a lie
Felt like you were special
Till I realized what's up and left
Got you feeling dreadful
So whether not you meant to
Ain't no difference between it
Cause everything we had is gone now you can't redeem it
Can't tell if you're oblivious or if you really mean it
I wonder just how many other folks before me seen it
But that shit love can make you blind to a lot of shit
But I can't waste my time on this right now I gotta split

We had a shot up until you stirred the pot
And then you did some shit I never would have thought

[Hook - Anthony Stewart:]
Never thought you'd shoot me down, down, down
I raise my body from the ground, ground, ground
But I'm not worried here at all, no, no
I get right back up when I fall, you know

[Verse 2:]
Yea, Catching shots from head to toe
I don't need no medic though
A modern Gatsby chasing Daisy I should have let it go
But you never know
I might have dreamed too high, rather way too low
Cause you wouldn't stick around back when I wasn't making dough
Till you see a poster with my face for me to play a show
And your friends are like "He made it now! F*cking way to go"
Used to dream about becoming rich
You ain't see the vision
I ain't make it fast enough for you so you ain't stickin' with him
I used to think about a life with you and music I was wishin'
For them both but you ain't see it 'till I brought one to fruition
But for some reason now and then I still consider
The what if's and the maybes but that shit just makes me bitter


[Hook x2]


Been On

Yeah, rappers try to brag about accomplishments
But nothing you've been dropping yet astonishes
Yeah, next shit I'm about to say is obvious
But criticism's worth some more than compliments
Yeah, we're living at a different speed
Trying to sprout a money tree, we started out with just a seed
Always working, never hindered by a little fatigue
Rapping in arenas, I'm still playing in a different league
Yeah, you still playing wiffle ball
Dropping opportunities I'm picking up a different call
Holding out for bigger checks to lift us all
Never kept a safety net to catch us even if I fall
Rather risk it all than play it safe
You like to sprinkle salt and player hate
My team can eat, I'll share a plate
I had the black on black, I swear you're late

Everyday I got some fly shit on
Keeping all black outfit on
I already bagged most the chicks that you out here trying to get on
You just catching up to what I've been on
Yeah, that's what I've been on

I see what you trying to do, that's not even kinda new
That's the shit I've been on
All these girls you see around, I already took 'em down
That's the shit I've been on [x3]

I be thinking forward though
Thinking quick and making plans, y'all be thinking sort of slow
You be thinking more bitches, I be thinking more dough
Showed them all I do this shit but trust me, I got more to show
Yeah, yeah, I'm just getting started now
All that swerve and spill my Bourbon, brody that's a party foul
Rappers try to swear they're cool
Really? I'm like "hardly, pal"
Black on black with hair slicked back, boy I got the hardest style
And I'm always snatching chicks, flier than Aladdin's whips
Haters on the sideline bitter, hella f*cking mad he's rich
Took your darling off your arm, now she just wanna be daddy's bitch
They can't even find me where I'm chillin', like my addy switched
Yeah, breaking rules we all bent 'em
Dreaming about these m's, told my team let's all get 'em
Make a classic song, last as long as raw denim
Every track's a problem, what I spit is all venom




Remember You

[Hook 1 - Blackbear:]
I will remember you
She got her own crib with a twin bed
In west Hollywood, she uptown
And she dance to her favorite song
And sing along when no one's around
I will remember you
I will remember you

[Verse 1 - G-Eazy:]
Yeah, back when the first time we met
I was thinkin' 'bout sex but you told me not yet
I meant no disrespect I was just being honest, my only regret was
Never letting you know how I felt or what was up
That was too much Maker's in my cup
I was faded, too f*cked up
And you probably think I'm an asshole
Read your facial expression
But it's not everyday someone comes and leaves an impression
Typin' shit to say to you then deletin' it on my phone when I'm textin'
Cause I still be thinkin' about you like every day, no question
But, I ain't really tryin' to fly out
And I'm no good at phones
And my life is on the road
I'm with the crew of Rolling Stones, but don't trip

[Hook 1 - Blackbear]

[Verse 2 - G-Eazy:]
See I know I've got this tendency to fall in love real quickly
But it's usually a phase I fall into in every city
That passes away instantly
When I leave it's over
I come to my senses when I'm sober
But I thought about you, no lie
When I left, you stayed on my brain
Then we finally got to f*ck, and that shit was all the way insane
Now I know that you're havin' a thought
Picture us having a spot
But look at this baggage I got
My life is crazy, I travel a lot
But, when I dip out in the morning you can trust
I'll be thinkin' about you looking out the window of my bus

[Hook 2 - Blackbear:]
I will remember you
She got her own crib with a twin bed
And was Hollywood, she uptown
And she danced to her favorite song
And sing along when no one's around
I will remember you
I will never forget you


Tumblr Girls

[Verse 1: G-Eazy]
Cause I'm in love with these Tumblr girls, with skinny waists and drug habits
Pretty faces love status, she acts as if she's the baddest
Man I swear she's just like tons of girls, she expects the free drinks
And I'm successful she thinks, always comes around when weed stinks
We f*ck off and on, off and on, only ever really f*ck off and on
Never see her these days cause I'm often gone
When I'm home off tour never stop for long
Back this week from across the pond
Noticed I was close to the block she's on, elevator to the floor her loft is on
Drinking whiskey, she likes vodka strong
But after we f*ck it's over, walked out the door; that's closure
No I can't stay here and hold her, tomorrow act like I don't know her
Wouldn't ever be here sober, can't tell which one is colder
My clothing's on, we both did wrong, I gotta go that's what I told her

[Hook: G-Eazy]
She said she can't feel her face, right now I can't feel my heart
For your feelings there's no place, but you knew that from the start
You and I were made of glass, we'd never last [x2]
Meant to die, we moved fast and then we crashed
You and I were made of glass, we'd never last

[Verse 2: G-Eazy]
She's fine as f*ck and she knows it, sexy body she shows it
Loves the drama she chose it, she draws the line then she blows it
The most fun I suppose it, pops a bottle won't close it
Fills a fifth then she throws it, she pops a bar now she's dozing
She's hot and cold, hot and cold, homie I don't know she's hot and cold
Truly the bullshit has gotten old, superficial with a rotten soul
F*cking off and on, always stop and go
Probably got someone, choose not to know
Head to her place then we lock the door
Making bad calls when I'm off the blow
Cause she's a bitch, I'm selfish, want every girl, can't help it
And it's tough for me to shelf it, it's you I see myself with
Right now I know you felt it, I touched her then she melted
We shouldn't chill but we do it still, gotta play the hand if you dealt it


[Outro: Christoph Andersson]
Missing everything you say, it's not important what you stand for
You're asking will he be the one, I'll be gone before you're done tonight
Waiting for another day, you're not getting what you paid for
Trying to salvage what's undone and deny you got outrun tonight
Never knew her name, they're looking all the same to me
They only chase the fame, there's no one left to blame but me


Just Believe

[Verse 1:]
Smokin' on the loudest out
Tryna see through a cloud of doubt
Goin' till a pound is out
We all got problems too proud to pout
More than '99, I ain't about to count
Takin' long walks when I'm out and about
Dreaming 10 mil just to round amount
Used to look for direction, till I found a route
Wonder how the charts feel
Paranoia thoughts stay dark, still
Everyday I'm here I try to write songs
Cause I know the beat'll longer than my heart will
Yeah, tryna see every state
No white lighters, hope I see 28
You can tell my girl i'mma be runnin' late
Can't tell how much longer she's gonna wait
A real good girl with a dirt bag guy
She could probably do better than me
Like a rich-ass lawyer with a house and car
Who takes care of her and never leaves
Man, shit I try my best
Nobody here for me to try and impress
I'd rather chase a dream
Than be content to sit behind a desk
I used to live with the highest stress
But f*ck it, I digress
Just believe

[Verse 2:]
Lately I've been losing sleep
Stressed, sorry if my mood is deep
No one to talk to, I use the beat
A couple bad habits that I choose to keep
My intake of booze is steep
Pop a couple of pills that I use to sleep
I think I took a few this week
I'm trying to adjust to the hugest leap
I'm living off this music, here
But I'm afraid of failing
That's the truth, sincere
My anxiety is getting too severe
But I ain't giving up, there's no excuses here
Dying young might be my truest fear
But now my future's bright and my view is clear
Told her I'mma get it, I'mma do it, dear
There's no way in hell I could lose this year
I worked 10 years 'fore it ever paid off
You don't know what I had to trade off
I shed tears when my moms got laid off
Life's never fair, it never plays soft
I'mma go get it, I'mma do it for my folks
Every day I'm out, man I always do the most
You would do the same shit if you was on the ropes
Shit gets realer when you zooming up close
Just believe
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