Genitorturers Lyrics

Genitorturers Lyrics

From the Album Blackheart Revolution (2009) (buy at

Kabangin' All Night
Devil In A Bottle
Falling Stars
Take It
Confessions Of A Blackheart
Cum Junkie
Vampire Lover
Tell Me

From the Album Flesh Is The Law (2002) (buy at
Flesh Is The Law
Lecher Bitch
Public Enemy
Flesh Is The Law
House Of Shame Live
Guns Are Good
Terrorvision Live
Live In 120 Days

From the Album 120 Days Of Genitorture (1994) (buy at
120 Days Of Genitorture
120 Days
Reality Check
Velvet Dreams
House Of Shame
Pleasure In Restraint
Lesser Gods
Jackin' Man
River's Edge / Strip The Flesh
Force Fed
Crack Track

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