George Strait - Blue Marlin Blues Lyrics

George Strait Lyrics

Blue Marlin Blues Lyrics
I got the blue marlin blues
First one off the dock, long before dawn
Headed to the blue water, won't take long
A box full of ballyhoo, rigged just right
Still hurtin' from that party last night
30 miles later, get the call lines in
Scramble' round the cockpit thinkin' we're gonna win
Seven hours later, we still ain't caught a thing
Mood on this boat sure has changed

I got the blue marlin blues
From my hat to my shoes
I used to catch 'em in twos
No matter which bait I choose
How many more can I lost
They got me drinkin' the booze
I got the blue marlin blues

I had one swimmin' right behind my bait
All lit up man, I just couldn't wait
I picked up the rod
I put it in free spool
Thinkin' I'll shake these blue marlin blues
He knocked it out of the clip
And I fed him some line
I locked it up and I began to wind
He came out of the water
Spit the bait right at me
And disappeared back into the sea

(Repeat Chorus)

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