George Strait - I Believe Lyrics

George Strait Lyrics

I Believe Lyrics
The night's as clear as a big desert sky
But it's hard to see the stars with these tears in my eyes
Yeah, it's hard not to cry
There's twenty-six reasons why

There's broken hearts that'll never be the same
Shattered lives still reeling from the pain
Of plans and dreams now gone
Oh, how do you move on?

But I believe
There's someone who's looking after me
Someone beside me night and day
To light the way
It's hard to conceive
Something you can't see
But I believe
I believe

There's twenty-six angels looking down from above
Resting in his mercy, grace and love
Time may never heel
The sadness that we feel


The rivers flow now that used to be dry
As people all over the world start to cry
But I believe

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