George Strait - Lone Star Blues Lyrics

George Strait Lyrics

Lone Star Blues Lyrics
At a truck stop in St Angelo
Saw a bill board about this rodeo
This weekend out in El Paso
So I signed up to ride

I drew a bull called “original sin”
Heard he’d killed a couple of men
Figured this was something I could win
Cause the devil was on my side
I was havin’ myself one hell of a ride
But I ended up disqualified
That bull just up and died
Before they blew the whistle

With those north Texas blues,
Thought id paid all my dues
Then those south Texas blues,
Told me “son, you ain’t through”
Had the east Texas blues and the west Texas too
I’ve done all I know to do,
Tryin to lose, tryin to lose,
These ol’ Lone Star Blues.

Well I got laid off at Brown and Root
Then on my way back to Cut'N'Shoot
I lost my wrist watch and my boots
Shootin’ dice with a dude from Houston
Well there ain’t no jobs here workin’ cattle
So I got on the part time haulin’ gravel
With some outfit from Seattle out here building custom homes


Well I gassed my truck and I packed my clothes
Turned in my key and I hit the road
I said “cow town’s where I’ll go,
You never know, I might get lucky!”

Well I got a friend there turning knobs
At a place called Billy Bobs
Said thought he could get me a job there
Workin’ as a bouncer
First night on the job was just insane
Some ol’ boy got all deranged
Hit me in the head with a Harley chain
To this day, my ears still ring!


I’ve done all I know to do,
Tryin to lose, tryin to lose
These ol’ Lone Star Blues

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