George Strait - Love Is Everything Lyrics

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Love Is Everything Lyrics
It's a whole lot more than going to the store for a wedding ring
It's kissing' and a hugging' but it's also the kicking and the cussing thing
I've been told

Love is everything
It's a smile on your face on a cold winter day at the thought of spring
It's getting up at night for the cry of a little bitty baby thing
And it's growing old

Love is everything
It's those fires that daddy stoked those nights to keep you warm
It's the hell your mama went through the day you were born
And it's a thunderstorm

Love is everything
Oh, it's going off to war, it's the back and forth on a front porch swing
It's the kiss that you got in the old parking lot of the dairy queen
And it's you and me

Love is everything
It's looking out for everybody else but number one
And it's all that really matters when all's said and done
And the race is run

Love is everything
It's a rose on a stone, it's the words in a song that the chorir sings
It's the tears of goodbye and the place that you fly to, to get your wings
Yeah love's the king
Love is everything
Love is everything

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