George Strait - When The Credits Roll Lyrics

George Strait Lyrics

When The Credits Roll Lyrics
I've played the rebel teenager, the mysterious stranger
The wild child on the run
I've been the college dropout, the commitment cop out
The comin' home prodigal son
It feels kinda like a movie
Makes me wonder what I'm gonna see

When the credits roll and the show is over
And I see all the parts I played
Get a glimpse of my soul up on that screen
I only hope I can say
I was a little less villain
And a little more hero
When the credits roll

Was I in it for the money, was I trying' to be funny
Was it all about me being right
Was I a stand up witness, did I offer some forgiveness
Help somebody see the light
When the curtain comes down some day
I wonder what the critic'll say

[Chorus 2x]

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