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25 Album Lyrics
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I Don't Wanna Die

I don't wanna die anymore
Lived so many lives in a row
Devil on the right, angel left (it's cold)
Won't lack, won't lack, won't lack
(Ayy, Southside, where you get all that drip?)
I don't wanna die anymore
The weather here outside is cold
Devil on the right, angel left (it's cold)
Won't lack, won't lack, won't lack

Wanna see? My life a movie, press play
Bitch, the street ain't checkers it's a chess game, now let's play
War time, niggas blazin' at us daily I must say, but we was brave
Killed my nigga, we back out the next day, and I ain't even hesitate
Did some shit and pour up lean 'cause that's my way to meditate
And we took niggas breath away, seen some shit I'll never say
Bullet hit him and missed me, but I was just a step away
Damn, I caught a blessin', ooh, we taught that opp a lesson
Shooters Kappa Alpha steppin', I done let off Smith & Wessons
Thirty shot 357s, .40 Glock my preference
That Compact 27 and the 23, that's the regular
Stayin' strapped 'cause I'm gettin' fetty, I can't go to heaven
I done lived like four lives, let off .45s
Niggas want me dead, I'm still alive, that's no surprise
I'ma put that bitch right in between like both his eyes
Do the wrong shit, we at his addy goin' inside
Chopper in my hand, I got a pistol on my side
I'ma put this bitch right in his mouth like open wide
Word to the wise, I used to roll with older guys
So he might be bigger than me, but this bitch was oversized
We gon' dress up for the hit 'cause that's before his time
Like he saw a magic trick, I'm tryna blow a nigga mind
I ain't say he was no bitch, I saw the soul in his eyes
I don't give a f*ck, I'm still gon' put his skull in his thighs
Kobe took his last breath, I seen him rollin' his eyes on the nine
He know we ain't sleep, we rode on the, shh
And this savage shit was tough, it took a toll on us
Had to keep them poles on us, reaper tryin' to hold on us
And you 'posed to be a killer but you told on us
F*ck your dead homies, we had gloves on us
Niggas hate us, we gettin' money now we glowed on 'em
Savage niggas turned over, VVS and gold on us

I don't wanna die anymore
Lived so many lives in a row
Devil on the right, angel left (it's cold)
Won't lack, won't lack, won't lack
I don't wanna die anymore
Lived so many lives in a row
Devil on the right, angel left (it's cold)
Won't lack, won't lack, won't lack


Cry No More

Grrt, boom, boom
Lil Tjay
Oh-oh, oh

Streets got 'em, ain't no savin' them boys
Grandma tryna pray to the Lord
Raise hell if they take one of yours
My lil' shorty gon' slide when he bored
Lil' nigga off the porch tryna score
Took a loss and that hurt to the core
Don't matter how much drugs I did
How much weed I hit, how much lean I pour
I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no, no, no)
Uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no, no, no)
Uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no, no)

Stood over bro on the floor dyin'
Thinkin' homicide, wasn't no cryin'
Hop out, glizzies, forties, and .45s
Lookin' for the killers, ain't no time
'Member we was drillin', oh, what a feelin'
We ain't give a f*ck about no time
That was before time, run on the opp, now it's your time
Clips is extended for showtime
Woke up, hit bro line
Back out in traffic before nine
We load it up, went on both sides
It's different phases, I did it perfect, amazin'
Been on them bitches with no minds
I saw 'em bail out, headshot four times (uh)
Baby mama fell on the floor cryin'
Went on a hit, had to look before firin'
'Cause my auntie, she shot with they dope line
Lost too many niggas, when they died, I ain't even cry
I ain't even feel it, I can't even lie
Stayin' in my city, I might end up a homicide
Two gun cases 'cause I'm traumatized
Plus the police wanna kill a nigga, I wonder why?
Bulletproof lack when I'm comin' by (ayy)
Ain't no savin' them boys, I'ma still be the one to try
Hopefully, ain't gotta kill one of mine

Streets got 'em, ain't no savin' them boys
Grandma tryna pray to the Lord
Raise hell if they take one of yours
My lil' shorty gon' slide when he bored
Lil' nigga off the porch tryna score
Took a loss and that hurt to the core
Don't matter how much drugs I did
How much weed I hit, how much lean I pour
I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no)

If he talkin' out his mouth, break his jaw
Mind f*cked, for the fallen, I'ma pour
Pain runnin' through my body, can't ignore
Cold world got my heart so sore
I ain't tryna feel pain no more
Can't change, I'ma bang that four
Why you tryna live the gang life for?
Don't cap, this lane not yours
I was a young nigga misled every day
Used to stay in the streets, huh
Hustlin', I couldn't miss bread
Run that bag every day of the week, huh
Nigga try me and get hit dead
All of my young niggas playin' for keeps, huh
So you better off focusin' instead
Better not go that way, it get deep, huh
I'm smokin' dummy, it's bustin'
This shit to the point that a nigga can't feel nothin'
New opposition, I'm rushin'
I told all my shooters like hawk and go kill somethin'
I lost a couple of soldiers
I keep goin' over so now I don't feel nothin'
Cryin', I'm lettin' that steel drum
We gon' spin through the opps and they still run

Streets got 'em, ain't no savin' them boys
Grandma tryna pray to the Lord
Raise hell if they take one of yours
My lil' shorty gon' slide when he bored
Lil' nigga off the porch tryna score
Took a loss and that hurt to the core
Don't matter how much drugs I did
How much weed I hit, how much lean I pour
I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no, no)
Uh, uh, I don't wanna cry no more (no, no)



You can turn, turn the headphones up though some more
Like, leave my vocals like that, let's get it

I need paper like I'm Hov, I need thirty before thirty
Need mercy on my soul
Made the "Thirty Under Thirty" (Forbes)
I made a teardrop in my robes
Came from shit, we came from hits
I made it back, dirt on my clothes
Now I'm here, 2018, shit was different, what a year
2019, it was tough, but I'm like, "F*ck it, it's in the rear"
2020, COVID hit and I'm just gettin' shit in gears
I ain't even reach all my goals and I'm still shittin' on my peers
I ain't even see my potential, I'm still tryna face my fears
Feel that music in my heart soon as I hear it in my ears
I don't wanna go and turn the clubs up, I handle biz
Big bro told me not to grab the Maybach truck, pull up in his
2021 sedan, two-hundred grand, yeah, I did (four door)
Said I wasn't gon' buy shit no more
Really, that bih for my bro though
Pullin' from me, what you put into me
Won't get nothin', no more
I can't go broke, that's a no-go
Make that paper jump like pogo
Only Trackhawk in L.A. this color
Act like that's the low-low
Still up in my shit, solo
Pull up, shoot some shit from logo (brrt)
Tryna flex for likes, you in a strike
Or stupid, that's a stolo
Play with me, I'm seein' rojo
Pussy, I'm in go-mode

Ayy, can you stand the rain? (Can you stand the rain?)
I can stand the rain (I can stand the rain)
Used to stand in the rain (used to stand in the rain)
I can stand the rain (I can stand the rain)
Used to stand in the rain (stand in the rain)
Can you stand the rain? (Can you stand the rain?)
Used to stand in the rain (stand in the rain)
I can stand the rain

Ayy, used to stay in the rain
After Francis Lane, we stand in the pain
I was filled with anger, homie got banged for sayin' my name
Let his thirty flame, ain't changed, stood up for his gang
Then his mans blew out his brain, 'cause this a dirty game
Left-handed, grip it firm and I got sturdy aim
Glizzy with mixed personalities, got thirty names
Pop out like I'm Mr. T, I got on thirty chains
Bent the Lamb' truck rims, it cost me 30K
Missin' family, reminiscin' 'bout them early days
F*ck G Herbo, they just listenin' to what Herbie say
I ain't really give a f*ck though at my early ages
Got too many in them pearly gates and scary cages
If you know, you know, I went through phases, different stages
Broad day, had guns blazin' with the bravest, for real
Seen action like a movie but that shit was real
Then bein' too courageous got my nigga killed

Damn, long live Max and C-Money
That's why I got that big ass Max around my neck
That's why I got that C-Money Green Trackhawk
That's why I got a C-Money Green Rolex anniversary
But really, though, this shit in me
That's why I'm Super Savage to the max
I had to think about it, you know, I had to humble myself
But then again, I am what I am
I gotta stay brave, I gotta stay on it
'Cause I know the universe ain't gonna have lead way on me
And that's just all off real life and situations
And shit I been through, you know?
I'm only twenty-five but I feel like I've lived ten life times
And there's no coincidence
A nigga really with the shit
I look at my niggas and I look at my niggas' kids
And I look at my kid, and I see so much of us in them
So that's why I be tryna, like change the cycle
But a lot of this shit meant
We just gotta learn to control it as best as we can, you know?
G Herbo


No Jail Time

I told Chase wasn't no niggas
Rappin' this good under 25 and I meant it
It's G Herbo
My lighter say life is what you make it, man
When I get to flickin' that Bic like Wayne, you niggas in trouble
(Dougie on the beat)

I set bar high as f*ck where I'm from
Considerin' niggas quick to run out of luck where I'm from
I had to duck bullets, tuck guns
A opp had the ups on me, I couldn't buss run
Took some real big losses, had a tough run
We just dancin' with the devil, we like, "F*ck run"
Shit got real wild
.40 Glock alarm clock, shots real loud
Father the streets, never birthed a real child
Lil Wayne is real hot on my block
When you get your top popped the cops watch
So used to drillin', kill, and niggas stealin' non stop
You can't name a street that's terrifyin' here and not rocks, motherf*cker
Where I come from it ain't nothin' but bloodsuckers
Sure this ain't no love for us, real hustler
He can't trust his blood brother
Knew he had to beat the odds for him to win since a little child
Live in sin but he still smile
Got nobody when he feel down
Sell coke but he keep the fam good, mama still proud
Uh, niggas stress but be real chill
Roll weed when he feel pills
God-fearin' but'll still kill
Probably put a sinner in his will
Niggas spin and miss Thanksgivin', Christmas and that's real spill
Everybody gotta start as beginners
Where I'm from you love the first nigga take you on a real drill

Nigga got rich no jail time
Never bought a watch tryna tell time
Used to grab hammers when it's nail time
How the f*ck I get rich no jail time?
Nigga got rich no jail time
Nigga got rich no jail time
I'm recordin' how I feel, ain't gotta mail mine
Life crazy but I feel fine

Nothin' special about me, I made mistakes like a motherf*cker
Student of the game, I gotta play this shit the same as you
Execution, had an opportunity the same as you
Lane was like a wide receiver drill, I just made it through
Nine of ten times, you want change, gotta change your crew
'Less you got a crew where niggas doin' shit the same as you
'Posed to ride or die, homicide for your guys, code of silence
Go to trial, got a crew of niggas namin' you
I'ma wear that shit right on my back 'cause that's what gangsters do
You got soldiers with you? Real soldiers with me bangin' too
We could do this like the range too
'Cause I know you got the flame and I got the flame too
And you probably got some aim, I know I got some aim too
You can't wait to let out anger, I've been through some pain too
We can find peace or make it rain, bullets 'til you need a rain suit
Stomach like a scientist, that means I seen some brains too (ugh)

Nigga got rich no jail time
Never bought a watch tryna tell time
Used to grab hammers when it's nail time
How the f*ck I get rich no jail time?
Nigga got rich no jail time
Nigga got rich no jail time
I'm recordin' how I feel, ain't got a middle man
Life crazy but I feel fine


Cold World

You know we believe in the power of manifestation, man
Always spoke this shit into life, into existence, man
Said I was gon' have this shit (Chase Davis on the beat)
And I really got this shit
That's why it called 25
You know if you from the 'Raq man this shit hit different
Two plus five that's seven, that's the guy I am
On foe'nem

Greed and disloyalty
Know we beefin' with the opps on top of all these lawyer fees
When we lurkin' on they block the chopper speakin' Portuguese (brrt)
Strapped with thirty-shot Glocks, we got like twenty more of these
Now I'm millionaire status, watched some homies leave (damn)
Thank God, I found out he a rat before the cheese (thank you)
In the California sun, I'm rockin' shorter sleeves
Some of my niggas really gon' be gone for forty seasons
Can't believe I beat the streets, I'll give you forty reasons (forty reasons)
I was on my toes from the mornin' to the evenin' (mornin' to the evenin')
Think I was a doctor how I seen a nigga bleedin' (damn)
He a real pussy-ho, I seen the nigga screamin' (woo)
He a real demon and he lookin' like he mean it
Hollows in his chest, he stretched, I seen it how he wheezin'
Yeah, I'm hot like Weezy (Weezy)
Yeah, I'm hotter than the sun, I got 'em stoppin' breathin'
All the shit I'm spittin' sick, you might start cough and sneezin'
F*ckin' with these rappers, might get tricked, don't believe 'em (don't believe 'em)
I made it out with heathens (heathens)
Dissed and I received it (received it), blessings that is (uh)
Blessings, yes I did (uh)
Stackin' M's (M's), that's just for my kids

"You like this song son-son?"
"Yeah, I like this song"
"You like it? You love daddy?"
"Oh, yeah, yeah, yes"
"What's your name?"
"I am Yosohn"
"You love daddy?"
"Yeah, I love daddy"

I ain't know the world was cold
I saw a murder at nine
Still thought I was fine
No wonder I played with cap guns all the time
Can't make new friends 'cause I lost all of mine
It's a blessing to be alive
That's why I strive

It's a cold city, windy, even the hoes gritty
Watch out these hoes trickin', nobody owed pity
Ain't no more OGs 'cause most niggas told
And them niggas old bitches (pussies)
Gotta go on a hit with two .30's or more
'Cause most niggas roll with fifties (fifty rounds)
Whole city got a brand new wave of Glizzy, now them bitches came with switches (switches)
When the f*ck they bring out them editions, man this shit gettin' fishy (brrt)
The police still too quick to kill us when we look suspicious
They tryna knock me off my square, but I bend and stood position (you know that)
No coincidence I got hit from there 'cause I'm just a gifted nigga (ayy)
Doin' one-fifty in the Urus carefully tryna miss collision (skrrt)
I was trapped, it's easy to get whacked, I make a split decision (uh-uh)
And Sohnny miss me 'cause I lost my vision, damn
Yeah, I know you want that, man these niggas trippin' (can't do that)
Holdin' in that stress, and DMX, I get to slippin' (get to slippin')
Fell in with the opioids and I started clickin' out (damn)
Always angry with my girl 'cause I felt like she bitchin' out (what else?)
I was just swimmin' with sharks before I walked up in the house
Know this pain lay deep inside of me I just can't get it out
so now I feel like shootin' (baow)
You can't wait to let it out too, yeah, I feel like you (feel like you)
In a fight with my anxiety, I feel like Juice

And I beat the street, man
Not by coincidence, it's because I embraced it
Like all the toughest shit I been through in my life
I took it head on I ain't complain about it, man
You know what I'm sayin?
It actually get greater, later


Whole Hearts

And big bro always tellin' me, man
Whole hearts in this shit
Been havin' our whole hearts in this shit (uh)
For real (yeah)

Think the streets easy? Man, this shit ain't easy
We lost B Weezy (B-Y), lost my nigga Breezy (Breezy)
Say the streets need me (they need me), they don't f*ckin' need me
Niggas turned greasy 'cause I been on TV
My opps, they won't leave me though, I be in the hood
They can't touch me but they see me though
Nigga still ain't greedy though
I be showin' love, they know I'm that nigga
You can't frisk me when I go in clubs
I know bums throwin' ones
F*ck it, now we throwin' dubs
I don't drip, we passed it out
We got bitches throwin' up
Rep my hood, throw it up (L's)
Tweak with us we throwin' slugs
And we ridin' with some gloves
And I'm dyin' for these thugs
My bitch probably think I'm dumb
So loyalty, that's how it be (how it be)
I know they'll die for me (they will)

'Cause my heart still in it (still)
I go hard 'cause my heart still in it (yeah)
I moved on but my heart in the trenches (it is)
And my heart still in it (still)
I go hard 'cause my heart still in it (yeah)
I moved on but my heart in the trenches
I moved on (it is), but my heart in the trenches (my heart still in it)

In this life we live you either end up dead or in jail
But I know niggas did both, hung hisself, real rope
I know niggas did murders, I know niggas sold dope
I know niggas had coke habits, he gave up hope
We went all out in them wars and that shit just made us broke
I was that nigga like one winter I couldn't even buy a coat (for real)
Ain't have a dollar to my name, they ain't know (they ain't know that)
My mama hidin' all her pain, it ain't show (she ain't show)
I was famous, still mobbin' with my gang, I ain't grow
Watchin' niggas doin' shit (shit), when we riskin' it on hits (no bap)
When we got lit and went on trips, they ain't go (f*ck 'em)
2010 bro told me blow (blow)
Ten years later and I still ain't told him no (uh)

'Cause my heart still in it (still)
And my heart still in it (still)
I go hard 'cause my heart still in it (yeah)
I moved on but my heart in the trenches

Yeah, my heart still in it
I go hard 'cause my heart still in it
Hate the game but stay winnin'
Hate the game but stay winnin'
Play the game 'cause you in it
F*ck the fame and what's with it
Use your brain, that's how you get it
That's your name, handle business
I'm still in it


2 Chains

(Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up)
Yeah, yeah, okay, okay, uh
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, okay
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh

I got two rings on (uh-huh), two chains on (okay)
Three diamond bracelets, don't get flamed on (baow)
Cribs is outrageous, real different phases (yeah)
Whips like look like spaceships
Black like I'm racist (can't say that)
Rich, I got patience
Sprint, I didn't chase it
Really havin' cash but I act like I'm basic
Livin' in my past, I might come off like I'm crazy (crazy)
And nothin' ever lasts so I don't let nothin' phase me

Uh, bitch, I'm rich
Uh, bitch, I'm rich (what?)
Uh, bitch, I'm rich (what?)
Rich as shit
Uh, bitch, I'm rich
Bitch, I'm rich (bitch, I'm rich)
Uh, bitch, I'm rich
I'm rich as shit

Got it out the mud, they ain't give me shit, nigga
Fell out with my blood, but it happened out of love
Made a lot of shootings happen, I was ridin' 'round with thugs (grrt)
Trap raided every week 'cause we was havin' all the drugs (ayy)
Wait a minute (wait), take a killer, put some paper in it
God gave a nigga a second chance, call it "Taylor Bennett"
Street nigga started makin' bands, I ain't take advance (uh-uh)
Hatin'-ass, think he touchin' Swerve, broke his hands
Told the jeweler, "Take my mans, ice him out, make it dance"
One-eighty in the Lamb', f*ck around, break the trance
New coupe, two-hundred grand, out the trenches
Understand who I am, bitch, the man
That's what all the bitches sayin'
Who the flyest in the land?
And who don't like it? Shooter quiet (yeah)
He a fire it, start a riot
If he fire it (grrah), niggas dyin'
We ain't got a kill, damn, beat you like a real man
Tryna tell him chill, damn, most these niggas real fans
I just did this rapper shit to show you how I feel, damn
Now I'm eatin' steak and lobster, 'member eatin' real SPAM
Nigga, I wasn't lyin', went from SPAM to a f*ckin' Lamb'
Chases duckin' 12, had to get up out the f*ckin' jam

I got two rings on, two chains on
Three diamond bracelets, don't get flamed on
Three cell phones (three), pick up, jail calls (hello)
Still don't get no sleep and I got three damn homes (damn)

Three shooters so it ain't no one to tell on (brrt)
Four stores, I been tryna get the smell gone (woo)
Five plugs, I fell off, they who I fell on (ayy)
Six cars 'case I need to get the hell on (Swervo)
Made my first ticket, blew that right back on the block (Essex, on foe'nem)
Long live Von, we was killers 'fore we popped (you know that)
Max hit my line, I popped right out with that Glock (hol' on)
That's how he end up dyin', nigga ain't know how to stop (damn)
Big for real, we done hit up every opp block (they know, uh-huh)
F*ck the miscellaneous, we went for top slots (get 'em)
Then I made a million, I'm like "I gotta chill now" (gotta chill now)
Caught a nigga, killed him, then after that, got real high (f*ck it)
Opps outside they buildin', okay, we 'bout to peel by (brr)
Made my second million, okay, I quit for real now (for real now)
Then I bought some Ps, bought some hard, bought some lean (damn)
Bought some bars, I ain't buy no f*ckin' cars
I turned niggas into stars, did that free of f*ckin' charge (free of charge)
We ain't never witness shit 'cause you ain't play your f*ckin' part
I was hoppin' out in broad day, ain't need no f*ckin' dark, lame ass nigga
"Herbo, who you been since you got rich?" Same-ass nigga
Rockin' plain jane that's 'cause I'm a plain-ass nigga
Still a gang-gang put it to your brain-ass nigga (baow)
Stay away from Mally, he a fire the flame-ass nigga
Stay away from Drench 'Em, he a snatch your chain-ass nigga (you know that)
Maneski he like O-Dog, I'ma Caine-ass nigga
Dizzle he got aim like a gun range-ass nigga (brrt)
Better not say my name, I'ma bring the pain-ass nigga (bring the pain)
You a clout chasin', do it the for fame-ass nigga (do it for the fame)
Stay up in a house, always on the game-ass nigga (always on the game)
Ain't gon' never change, ayo, where my change at, nigga? (Where my change?)
Still will let it rain, tell us where they hang at, nigga? (Where they hang at?)
Bitch, they be throwin' salt 'cause a nigga rich (really rich)
I'm in Hawaii like a nigga Stitch (Lilo and Stitch)
Send hoes out like a nigga Hitch (Will Smith)
Her lil' bro makin' both ya hoes switch (switch 'em up)
Pull up, jump shot like Deroz', swish (swish, Demar Derozan)
Blow your candles out, snotty nose, make a wish (happy birthday)
Tell me how the f*ck I get exposed?
Nigga, I'm rich as shit (on foe'nem)
On foe'nem, G Herbo


Trenches Know My Name

(Southside on the track, yeah)
On foe'nem, Twin just told me I was in a different bag, man
My mind, my vision clear, on foe'nem
2020 was my richest year, no bap

I can't stay out in my hood, 'cause my life at risk
We put niggas up for good, I don't like to diss
I been gangsta since forever, I'ma die like this
I got tired of totin' Berettas and that's why I'm rich
Let my soul bleed
Guess they love me 'cause I'm fightin' demons
I seen bodies droppin' every season
I watched people that I love leave me
Known killers that'll murder niggas for no reason, please believe me
Tryin' take it all easy but this shit ain't easy
I be tryin' to help 'em eat but all these niggas greazy
I ain't with no f*ckin' treaties, we ain't Wop and Jeezy
I'm between makin' peace and watchin' oppas bleedin'
Long live B Weezy, long live Breezy
Totin' pistols like I'm Peewee, I saw Kobe wheezin'
Say Lil' Roc was breathin' heavily, shit stressin' me
We was slidin' all weekend, catchin' niggas sleepin'
Pulled on buddy, he ain't check out but I bet he decent
Nigga blessed I guess, we tried to glue him to the cement
Now I'm rockin' all this ice, the trenches caught amnesia
That's a quick history lesson for whoever need it, uh
I be hoppin' out the whip, I'm still the same nigga
But my guns more expensive and my chains bigger
Tryin' to find the quickest way for me to make eight figures
Figured I don't gotta save it if it came quicker
Niggas bitches, mention my name, they get flamed with it
Niggas friendly with this fame, nigga, I ain't with it
Post-traumatic so that shit still in my brain
Trench baby, so the trenches know my name
Never been a lame (ayy)
Label me a stain, we gon' dome check ya gang (baow)
Ayy, .40's jammed up on us, left them bitches in the rain (damn)
Stackin' hundreds, but like pennies, I won't never change
Won everywhere I played like LeBron James
I'm too accustomed to pain, I switched up my lane to f*ck with this fame
I know I talk like a pimp so I bought me some bracelets, I f*cked through some rings
I got some aim and I'm full of anger, know why I'll f*ck up a range
Been a lil' minute but still ain't a stranger, pick up that .40 and bang
Trenches with killers had sense and we still went insane, I bet they remember my name
Beat prison systems, my youngin' ain't see me in chains, I put my lil' nigga in chains
Got through adversity, teach him 'bout racism, that ain't my lil' nigga name
Know every day I wake that it's a new level, that's how I get through the game



You know I was just lookin' at some shit today, man
I posted on my Instagram, I was like eighteen on the block freestylin'
And I would of never thought that this shit'd ever get me here to this point
But I don't really know how 'cause a nigga did everything
And put the work in to get where I'm at now
Where I'm 'posed to be, you know, so
This shit was written, for real, man

Now we really rich
Before rich, we was with the shits (you know that)
With full clips, we could never miss
I spent years in the whip with Chris (Max)
I drop tears when I reminisce but I ain't Doughboy
I rap gangster like I'm O'Shea
40K a show, shit been kinda slow, yet I'm still okay
Crib more lavish, why I never send my lawyer away
Live like I got platinum plaques and I ain't wore my gold today
Karma, Glizzy in his name, but I still got a throwaway
'Member I was frustrated, rain, rain, go away
Now I want a hundred 'cause a million ain't no dough today
Wake up in L.A., I'm like, "Now, how my day gon' go today?"
Think about Yosohn, he made my angry days go away
Profit to his savings, I just gave a whole show away (uh-huh)
Soon as you don't have nowhere to go, God gon' show a way
Just show some faith, take it like a soldier, even soldiers pray
It's no coincidence, I'm from the land of the dead
Blood on the pavement, hands on ya head
Some of us won't make it out, that's what my mommy said
Nobody saw shots, the block watched his body bled, uh
Mama still cryin' on the scene, she can't even leave
Whole hood immune to murder, we can't even grieve
Ain't nobody else cryin' 'cause this the life of a heathen
But his little brother, now, he got a trick up his sleeve
He got a grip on that bitch, he better ran up on a nigga
Got a chip up on his shoulder, he ready to stand over a nigga
If your bro die in them streets, is you gon' give him pity?
Or you gon' make the hood red, you gon' paint the city?
I'm ready to slide all night, I hope you still with me
We willin' to get through situations when it get real sticky
I'm ready to make his mama cry, she gon' have to feel with me
I'm ready to catch his brother lackin', we gotta kill Ricky
I'm just a product of some shit
If you look at the map, we was at the bottom of that bitch
Kids growin' up like this, they don't think there's a problem with that shit
All they know, where I'm from, nigga, if you starvin', hit a lick
Or right robbery, get you rich
But we was hustlin' on my strip
Ain't have no big homies, give us nothin', ain't have shit
Inherited wars, ain't know how to survive, but we did it
I can tell you stories from the start to the finish
Super savage, we was livin', nigga

Gang shit, you know gang shit, we damn near started that, man
79 Essex, Roc Block
You know we was young niggas livin' savage early
Did the impossible shit niggas thought we couldn't do, wouldn't do
We did it, ten times over, man
But you know that



(808 Mafia)

First off, what's up with all these crooked ass police
If they workin' hard then why the f*ck they don't control the streets?
Wanna see my brother strong, so I don't condone the beef
Play it safe, I got my chrome, rather you be gone than me
And my kids better than me, hope I live long to see
But feel like my past and the Devil holdin' onto me
What's up with the DA's and the judges? They don't owe no blood
Blacks folks who deserved a chance, but they ain't show no love
People sayin' they gon' change, but they ain't show no love
Ruined lives was innocent, but they ain't hold no grudge
Hard to face it, wonder why it's hard to make it
You grew up with privileges, and all this shit we had to take it
You ain't racist, when we on a elevator why you shakin'?
You ain't racist, see me in yo' neighborhood then why you brakin'?
You ain't racist, when I make more money than you why you hate it?
Said I was gonna get a warnin' officer then why you take me?
I'm at war with all my brothers, but it's you that taught us hatred
I ain't racist, I got different colored diamonds in my bracelet
Acatavis mixed with some savages, so both of 'em combination
Rich forever, 'fore I go broke you see yey at nomination
One announcement to made fellas, we need forward domination (forward domination)
All our women need safety, gotta make way for them babies (for real)
Hustle smart, don't make sacrifices and risks, just have some patience (have some patience)
That's the only way we gon' gain our respect back in the nation

These our demands, this how we gon' make demands
These our demands, ain't no askin', we demandin' (demandin')
These our demands, thank you in advance (thank you)
Time to make demands, need a change of plans
"Make The Hood Great Again" ("Make The Hood Great Again")

Let the playgrounds be okay, where they can play again (where they can play)
Shit, the neighborhoods ain't safe enough to raise 'em in (damn)
Niggas ain't got aim, they killin' 'em and grazin' kids
All his homies bitch-made, they out there praisin' him
Hopefully one day my raps will end up savin' 'em
If we don't stay accountable this shit won't ever end
Can't go to school 'cause our future is inevident
Dropped out, no college, street knowledge what I majored in (Street knowledge)
Can't be a boy where I'm from, it's quick to make a man
Bloodshed for generations, never make amends
And we hate to lose, but nobody never wins (nobody never wins)
This a life of failure (damn)
These our demands, time to clean the jails up
If you ain't tryna ride then tell me why you goin' to jail for?
Change the cycle, why you wanna write your life through mail for?
If the hood ain't get you shit but this, then what you near for?
Who you really care for? Gotta daughter, they or her
These my demands, invest and stack ya bread up
These our demands, we need assistance in the gutter
These our demands, bitch be more sensitive to the struggle
But let's stop always tryna blame the man (yeah)
We gon' stand up to this shit and start to make demands (make demands)
And we buyin' back the block 'cause now we makin' M's
So get off your ass and go make a change
'Cause they just keep laughin' at us complain while we do the same again
How you expect your life to change if you can't change within?
And it ain't perfect, but I never may complain again
'Cause I accept what's in my life if it can't change it's stayin'
But I'ma always have respect and that's 'cause I demand it

These our demands, this how we gon' make demands (make demands)
These our demands, ain't no askin', we demandin' (demandin')
These our demands, thank you in advance (uh)
Time to make demands, need a change of plans
"Make The Hood Great Again"



You were never dead
Although you vowed to always care
Now I'm askin' you
I'm askin' you

I don't take it personal, I be on to the next shit 'cause I'm versatile
I be sparin' niggas all the time, bein' merciful
Every time you open up, they just end up hurtin' you
Usually the worst it true, so is all my verses too
You be all in competition, that's the Devil versus you
Hatin'-ass, Judas-ass nigga, now we murkin' you
Put a bag in the trenches, pussy I'll purchase you
Quit the weed cold turkey and I threw the Perkies too
I been goin' through some shit, I seen my son virtual
Man, you hurtin' who?
Every time I see my youngin's smile, that shit get me through
We could still be in the same tower and have different views
Me and one of my dogs split up like we went to different schools
If you go that route, stay there, nigga, you can't pick and choose
If you on the team, play your role, we got shit to lose
When they act like hoes, get exposed, it's the principle
When I'm chasin' goals, you can't see me I'm invisible
Really wanna be me, you can't beat me I'm invincible
Stories still untold from the mode, this the pinnacle
Still be with the killa's 'cause I feel 'em, we identical
Said that you would be there but you wasn't, I was losin' homies by the dozen
Deep up in my feelings, but I never said nothin'
Why you so demandin' when you never had nothin'?
I was big on loyalty before I start buzzin'
I could trust my brothers better than my blood cousins
Seen a couple show they hand 'cause this bread comin'
Jumped in head first, we were full-fledged runnin', uh


Pray 4 My Enemies

Uh, uh

I'm willing to go up the furthest length under any extent
A nigga play so I pray for my enemies, can't let 'em get rid of me
It might be the day, any day you get blown away
I'ma shoot broad day if he temptin' me (play)
Been in the streets and I been through enough
Just to know not to ever show sympathy (never)
The Devil got into me (uh), but I'm blessed with a sense
So I know when you envy me, I play off energy (I know when you envy me)
So don't be an enemy, I pray for my enemies (I pray for my enemies)
So be safe to my enemies, I don't play with my enemies (I don't play with my enemies)
Ayy, we lost Kobe, we made the trenches bleed
Crushin' opps like centipedes
Now we back in the lead, now I'm rich
And they still gon' love when a nigga leave (they still gon' love me)
Heart cold like Christmas Eve
But I still show love to my hood like it's Christmas Eve
Been through shit, wasn't easy
I tell you some shit right now you wouldn't even believe it
How I make it out? I don't know either
Well I meant hard work, and not leavin' the house with no heater
Hollows hot like a fever, outside ridin' in the East
We got one-twenty shots in four seaters, and that's how we beat 'em
I had to go make a way for my niggas 'cause I was the leader
Glock .23 or the Nina?
Both of them bitches got work on 'em, I can't decide it either (I don't know)
Might as well ride with both of 'em, I was gon' ride with either
F*ck it, know the way we did niggas
They gotta retaliate, we wasn't hidin' either
Went way up on the score, did that shit with ease
And we still let niggas breath (still, no bap)
Clip in the AR, same size as a niggas sleeve (no bap, grrah)
Paranoid, come close, make a real scene, revenge on we I still grieve it
I don't fear no man, let a trigger squeeze
I don't gotta squeeze triggers, got a lil' cheese
Used to play in the grass 'fore I got in the streets
Then I turned fifteen, started sellin' trees
Used to pass to Roc how he pass the rock
Now I'm passin' Glocks like my boy Steve Nash (Nash)
Young niggas movin' a little too fast, play and we blast (blast)
Niggas wanted to drill, wasn't thinkin' 'bout cash
Got in my first high-speed, did the dash and crashed, damn (skrrt)
Snuck my pipe into school, I was totin' a MAG in class (no bap), damn (Damn)
We saw an opp and I bet when he looked in the mirror at home
He ain't know that today be his last
I know we gon' catch you, if you with your lady or baby you may get a pass (maybe)
Whenever we catch you, we hop out and stretch you (stretch you)
Lord bless you (bless you)
These niggas hoods be nothin' 'cause I come from Essex
And my block hectic, we hop out and X 'em
We hop out extra and makin' a mess of 'em
Turned up the pressure now we havin' less of it
Man, we did what we did how we did it, so ain't no worry 'bout the rest of 'em
Shorty and them itchin' to wet somethin' (itchin')
Yours versus mine, we gon' end up top, let's bet somethin'
Nothin' but killers and riders
Nothin' but dealers, I hung with gorillas
We stronger than niggas divided (yeah)
And we shootin' at whatever shit we decided
Chillin', we already tried it
They drillin' forever and ain't no denyin' it
They slidin' for nothin', ain't nobody even outside that need to be fired at
I'm facin' a blunt while I drive, plottin' on a homicide
I don't know where my mind at (yeah)
I'm up a new milli' and ain't even got on my grind yet, for real
Still tryna make new money, I got old money
Shit, like where you find that? (Where you find that?)
Boss shit, whatever number got digits and commas behind that (it's Swerve)
It don't even cost shit, cheatin' your wrist
Wonder why we can't see where your shine at (f*ck nigga)
Say you gettin' money then chasin' after hoes
Where we find you at, nigga where your time at? (Where your time at?)


Turning 25

Gang, it's G Herbo
I'm in New York right now, man
My birthday at midnight
A nigga 'bout to be twenty-five
Shit really feel like a century
It's just a quarter-century
This a lil' freestyle though, I'm 'bouta just
Before I get up out of here

Now a nigga rich
All the fans see a nigga lit (you know that)
Remember days I was finna quit
Lonely nights on the zip (on the zip)
Wartime hoppin' in the whip
On the block with it on my hip (got it)
Can't lie, I wasn't innocent (I wasn't innocent)
No, I can't lie, I wasn't innocent
Made it far, I stayed listenin'
Lil' nigga with discipline
Them bullets went whistlin'
You gotta know how them trenches get
This bitch got a big ol' fifty clip
Mask and I got my pistol grip
Yeah, I still pop out dolo 'cause niggas be on pussy shit
Might be kids on the hit, grow up, they keep witnesses
Ain't 'posed to be no witnesses
But we ain't harmin' no women, kids
Less them hoes with the shit
Ain't say we won't kill a bitch
Snub seven, give 'em six
Just eleven in this SIG and I'ma do my shit with it
Way before G Herbo it was Herbie G (ayy)
Before the Glocks, the pro mags had thirty-three
Before the drip, the block heads had dirty sneaks (Essex)
Before the grave, the main opps had surgery (pussy)
Before the streets loved me, said they can't wait to murder me (they can't wait to murder me)
But ain't no f*ckin' murkin' me, we give out first degree
My first video on the eight was with Merch Star TV
We was droppin' shit back to back
All in that black minivan, they was MACs
Ain't in that vino no more, gotta lack
Glizzy I got on my lap 'bout a rack
Still'll go back like I live in the 'Raq
Feds gon' rewind what they hear in my raps
I'd rather die 'fore I chill with that rat
Really was in it and they knowin' that (f*ck nigga)
Free Guwop and Sammy they ain't goin' back
Wish I could post more foes back
Wish I could bring all my bros back
Wish I was in that old trap (up top)
Me and Cap dozin' off in the back
Wish I could trade this all back
What the f*ck kind of offer is that?
Havin' fun in that sun, but I could stand the rain
Son, don't pick up that gun if you can't stand the flame
Way before this fame shit, I already had a name
We was yellin', "Gang shit!" Way before you had a gang
MLK, I had a dream (a dream), I almost fed my gang (my gang)
Realized when I woke up, I already fed my gang
Boy, I ain't got shit to prove, I already did my thing
When it come 'round, I remember, I can't blend with lames

Yeah, real rap
That's no bap
Live in effect
I'm in here with my niggas, it's gon' stay that way



Uh, check this out
Always, always mean what you say

Real nigga 'til I leave (you know that)
Elevated, do this rappin' shit with ease
I got a brick on my sleeve, you dissin' me, please
Comparin' me to different MC's, stop it
I'm really in the shit so I don't pop it
Before Twitter was a trendin' topic (ayy)
I was on the block with thirty shots and Glocks had the spot hoppin', dummy (Swerv')
But they actin' like they don't remember that (yeah)
Been a leader with that heater, I got right up into that
You can never take a killin' back
Whole heart was in the streets, I had to leave and get my f*ckin' feelings back
Same spot they shot brother, next day I'm chillin' at (Essex)
I ain't lyin' they was winnin' 'til we started spinnin' back (skrr)
But anyway, said enough of that, let's talk about this paper (let's talk about it)
Let's talk about them jets, yeah, let's talk about Jamaica (come on)
Can ask about me, I ain't never been a fraud, I went hard from the start (the start)
In my city I'm a god, motherf*cker
If you know you know, never been no phony though
Rollies for my brodie though, barely know jail rodeo (for real)
Heard they lookin' for me, I'm like, "Oh, I'm on the way"
Bond money, know I'm straight
I spent a 130K out the gate (yeah)
They like, "Swerv' stay safe", I'm like, "Man, y'all late" (y'all late)
Yellin', "Free me", I'm like, "I been in the crib all day"
I'm in Cali thinkin' how I come from pissy hallways
Long as I never go back, I'm that nigga always (always)
And you know that
Been havin' these M's but they taught me not to show that (for what?)
Before that, like a throwback
Soon as the shit go left, I'ma throw back (brrt)
And I could've bought the Rolls last year but instead, I bought a four-flat
That's no bap (no bap)
From Chicago, I'm pro 'Raq (I'm from the 'Raq)
I'm motivation for the trenches 'cause I'm Pro-Black (Pro-Black)
We don't know limits so we don't play by the rules
How the f*ck I catch a case? We bought a school
Don't be fooled, you niggas fools (fool ass nigga)
On the 'Gram readin' comments I'm like, "Ooh, cool, so they want me to lose"
I can't break like I'm bulletproof (Teflon)
And I can say what I wanna say, all I'm gon' say is before fame, bitch, I been the truth
And when you put it on my name, gotta send some proof (dumb ass)
They like, "Charge it to the game", I got feelings too (I do)
Shit be difficult (it do), still visual (you dig?)
Me and JB just been talking''bout residual (you dig?)
Checkin' on my analytic, shit get digital (shit get digital)
Yo, just stay up off my dick, it ain't consensual

G Herbo
Too Fire, the album comin' soon, nigga


Really Like That

(Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up!)
Uh, sixteen I bought a strap (no bap)
Seventeen too many guns, by eighteen I caught a case (facts)
In here f*ckin' with Tay Keith, but like TayK, I did a race (vroom)
F&N, featherweight, I barely feel it on my waist

That's why I walk like this, talk like that
Iced out all my niggas, bitch, 'cause I'm a boss like that (swerve)
Puttin' miles on my foreigns, f*cked off my exhaust like that (just like that)
Overkill 'em why you had to nail him to the cross like that (dang)
Find the block and we peeling (skrr)
I feel just like a villain
Still'll get hit when I'm chillin' (brrr)
Ain't went Kareem but I'm willin'
Send that pay when they billin' (ayy)
Money tall like the ceilin' (ceilin')
I don't know no better feelin' (no better feelin')
This bitch ridin' my denim
Price went up like a million (skrr, skrr)
I just cashed out (cash)
My lil' shooter with me, he like twenty, he gon' crash out
I blend in with savages, you see-through like a glasshouse
Never caught no body in here, get your pussy ass out, f*ck nigga (get your bitch ass out, nigga)
Shout out my lil' mans, call him Xan 'cause he slump niggas (slump niggas)
I might pull up Ghost, Rolls, I been bought the truck, nigga
Know you know that sayin', if it's up there then it's stuck, nigga (stuck)
Hit 'em in his head, he ain't get up but he stuck, nigga (he stuck)
Killer where you been? I've been tryna see what's up with you (what up?)
Wrappin' rubber bands, that's okay, I understand (aight)
Popped out dolo, I be chillin' with the fans (uh, uh, uh)
They like, "Swervo, how much you pay for that watch, a hunnid grand?"
Hell yeah (uh)
And I got this bitch on everywhere
If a nigga try it, he gon' have to fire, hell yeah
Death be everywhere, I smell it in the air
When the oppers die, was you still outside? Hell, yeah
I ain't never hide, uh, I'm forever ridin' (I'm forever ridin')
I've seen homicides, but not televised (real life)
I've been 'round killers, most of 'em on my mama side (on my mama side)
Saw a murder at nine, ever since been traumatized
But f*ck it (f*ck that shit)
When I made it out the trenches, said a nigga lucky (say what?)
Some got into one of my hitters, man, he been reluctant (damn)
Ran into a couple hiccups but that shit was nothin' (shit ain't nothin')
Lawyer money, I ain't stayin', get that shit deducted
Threw up in my Lamb truck, inside of the whip disgustin' (gross)
How these bitches bussin', don't say nothin', they just get to f*ckin'
I don't want no bum bitches (ho), see me and they get to buckin' (bitch)
Boys ain't on the crumb, they might see me and just get to duckin' (bah)
For real, niggas see me, tuck they tails, for real (I ain't lyin')
Ask about No Limit, bitch, we run the jails, for real
.40 steel, bought a new four nick' I tote my .40 still
I've been on some shit, I had like 5M's before the deal (ayy)
Soon as the ink dried, I spent a whole ticket on some wheels
Know that shit was stupid, I just wanted to see how it feels (no bap)
Stood over my nigga dyin', and I really cried tears
Every year I get above ground, bitch, I gotta live
It is what it is, it ain't biz, or it is
And before I miss my kids, put that Sig on his ribs
I ain't never did a bid, but we split some niggas wigs (got 'em)
I be rappin' for the streets, you niggas rappin' for the pigs (listen)
(Tay Keith, f*ck these niggas up!)


Break Yoself

I'ma run it up, man, uh
Uh, uh
Turn me up
The f*ck nigga?
I'm tweakin', just gotta make it

Break yourself, fool (break yourself)
Bought a watch and chain, tryna make yourself cool (what the f*ck?)
Pussy can't protect it, you just made yourself food (food)
Handouts from niggas, you gon' help yourself lose (loser)
F*ck the rules
If you want me better make your best move (come on, yeah)
On my block I got stripes like a ref do (stripes)
Tape all on the scene, you seen how we left dude (left)
Gang made the news (gang-gang)
Gang gave the blues (gang, shut up)
Hangin' flag, goin' homicide, gang made 'em chose (haha)
Big G Herbo, I'm the boss-boss, I make big moves (yeah)
It don't matter, take the cost off, it get sent through
He got hit, it 'posed to been a hit, bullets went through, they ain't stick
Nigga beggin' for his life, get on the 'Gram, now they bitch
They say this and this (this and this)
Hate, I'm pissy rich (hate, I'm pissy rich)
I got mansions, cribs
Went through twenty whips, I bought six legit
Quarantine ain't stoppin' shit, f*ck it, pop my shit
Making lotta grip
I don't travel much, I told my girl, "We need a lotta trips"
Stack a lotta chips, a lotta dip
Son straight, my fam tucked, we stretch shit, my momma hip
Caddie truck with Kevlar and black tints, Obama whip
I ain't rich until I triple it
I said I ain't rich until I triple it
Jewelry like, point two over two but what's the difference?
Really like, went from rags to riches, shit magnificent
And I'm still grindin', labels love me, say I'm killin' it
I'm hot shit (hot shit)
I'm still up a ton, I'm havin' fun and I ain't drop shit
Since I dropped my album, not a single, I ain't dropped shit
I ain't in that top five, throw me in that top six
Pull up in that drop six, watch this (that drop six)
Waitin' on some shit soon as it drop, I hit the lot quick
I pull up in the newest Beamer like I'm Money Meech
Herbo brought a hunnid shooters through, he on some other
Lead the convoy, gettin' chauffeured, I'm in that Cullinan (that Cullinan)
Niggas rap diss, addressin' me, I don't hear none of it
Bullet holes size of hula hoop, we hit his brother with
We done spinned the block and again, for the hell of it
But if this shit ain't 'bout makin' M's, it's irrelevant
We want all the smoke, gun smoke, niggas smellin' it
Deaf from all this smoke, real gas, don't be inhalin' it (don't be inhalin' it)
Pussy we gon' shut your mouth forever if you tellin' it (forever)
Get away, they ain't gon' catch me, never ain't no evidence (woo)
Real nigga forever, got elected like the president (like the president)
Gon' be rich forever, like forever, in the present tense
Call and get a nigga nose wiped like a present sent
I might flip the black Rolls white like it's Heaven sent (I did, I did, bah, bah, bah, skrr)
Nasty, the color peppermint
Killers with me ready, out here steppin' with a pep in it
Never gotta ask me 'bout my set because I'm reppin' it (yeah)
I'ma charge 'em fifty K for verses to get the records in

G Herbo
Quick freestyle
How long that was? A minute
In and out, foenem
Go, go
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