Godsend - Nobody Home Lyrics

Godsend Lyrics

Nobody Home Lyrics
[Lyrics: Per Morten; music: Gunder]

My room is dark and the curtains are drawn
I think I'll stay in bed
The bottle is empty, there's nobody home
Just a war inside my head

Woke from a dream or was she real
Just can't say for sure
No more fun, got my bills to pay
I look around, think I hear someone say

Stay away stay home
Stay away stay home

After last night I won't drink again
All this mess I get myself in
Next time I'll be faithful friend
My money gets blown away by the wind

Bugs keep crawling over my floor
There's a couple of new ones today
All the things I should have done
Maybe tomorrow I'll find a way, so I

Stay away stay home
Stay away stay home

"Am I a man or am I a butterfly dreaming that I am a man?"
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