Graveland Lyrics

Graveland Lyrics

From the Album Spears Of Heaven (2009) (buy at
Spears Of Heaven
Spears Of Heaven
Walls Of The Red Temple
Flame Of Doom
Braid Of A Pride Valkyria
When Valkyries Come
Sun Wind
Return To The Northern Carpathian

From the Album Will Stronger Than Death (2007) (buy at
Will Stronger Than Death
Fire Dragon Of Black Sun
Throne Of The Granite
Battle Of The Giants
Fire And Snow
Victoria Divina
Shadows Of The Past

From the Album Fire Chariot Of Destruction (2005) (buy at
Fire Chariot Of Destruction
War Wolf
River Of Tears
Fire Chariot Of Destruction
Flaming Wrathful Hate
Creator And Destroyer
Prayer For My Ancestors
Dance Of Axes And Swords

From the Album Dawn Of Iron Blades (2004) (buy at
Dawn Of Iron Blades
Iron In The Fog
Semper Fidelix
Immortal Bloodline
To The North Of Rubicon
Crown Heroic My Departure
While I Ride With The Valkyries

From the Album The Fire Of Awakening (2003) (buy at
The Fire Of Awakening
We Shall Prevail
Battle of Wotan's Wolves
In the Sea of Blood
Die for Freedom
The Four Wings of the Sun

From the Album Memory And Destiny (2002) (buy at
Memory And Destiny
Fate Of Warrior
Jewel Of Atlanteans
Memory And Destiny
Legion Of Giants
Runes Of Rise

From the Album Raise Your Sword! (2001) (buy at
Raise Your Sword!
Till The Final Death
Temple Of My Hatred
W Objecia Smierci

From the Album Creed Of Iron (2001) (buy at
Creed Of Iron
Blood And Ash
Tyrants Of Cruelty
No Mercy In My Heart
Ancient Blood
White Beasts Of Wotan

From the Album Immortal Pride (1998) (buy at
Immortal Pride
Intro (Day Of Fury)
Sons Of Fire And Steel - Outro (Servants Of War)
Sacrifice For Honour
Outro (To Die In Glory)

From the Album Following The Voice Of Blood (1997) (buy at
Following The Voice Of Blood
White Hand's Power
Following The Voice Of Blood
Raise The Swords!
And The Horn Was Sounding Far Away
Fed By The Beasts

From the Album Thousand Swords (1995) (buy at
Thousand Swords
Blood Of Christians On My Sword
Thousand Swords
The Dark Battlefield
Born For War
To Die In Fight

From the Album Carpathian Wolves (1994) (buy at
Carpathian Wolves
Carpathian Wolves (Intro)
Barbarism Returns
In The Northern Carpathians
Impaler Of Wallachia
Witches' Holocaust
At The Pagan Samhain Night
Unpunished Herd
Into The War (Outro)

From the Album The Celtic Winter (1994) (buy at
The Celtic Winter
Call Of The Black Forest
Hordes Of Empire
The Night Of Fullmoon
The Gates To The Kingdom Of Darkness
The Celtic Winter
The Return Of Funeral Winds

From the Album In The Glare Of Burning Churches (1993) (buy at
In The Glare Of Burning Churches
In The Glare Of Burning Churches
The Night Of Fullmoon
Through The Occult Veil
For Pagan And Heretic's Blood

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