Great Horn - I Die With My Wisdom Lyrics

Great Horn Lyrics

I Die With My Wisdom Lyrics
(Dedicated to Duke Amduscias)

I die & I see the abyss of space
Killing time flows in river with blood
Wrath, valley of fear in my face

Now I'm going to astral sleep -
to see my petrifying

Heaven crying!
I want to burn the heavens
With ancient fire of eternity
I'm dying sovereign of ancient sorcery

Fire walk on valles, I swam in it,
I swimming to Acheron
In this river I die with my wisdom
My minds die, Acheron give my wisdom

Fire impaling the sky, angels die like rats
Demons wake up, and the black alchemy begins

Rotting God fall from sky,
and vermins eat his flesh
Acheron deliver my wisdom
and the wrath of Emperor of blackfields

My mission complete, I die
like nighty wizard of darkness

River of death burned my
flesh in darkness

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