Gucci Mane - 5 Star General Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

5 Star General Lyrics
So icey entertainment how can I explain it baby looking at me cause she snortin and she dranking
Gucci is a faucet he known for make it rain shawty is a brainer she like to give that brain
Gucci is a cashman call me bankteller I can make it rain in any type of weather
Shawty can't f*ck with me can't fit in my schedule shawty looking at the diamond flexing on my bezzles
I be freestyling don't use any pencil gucci mane laflare I'm flowing on this instrumental
Mike will made it gucci mane slade star status nigga everybody upgraded
John got escuchar gucci got a hummer everybody know that gucci is a stunna
I make it winter time in the summer I be throwin throwin throwin bombs like a bomber
I be selling bricks use to sell them knicks I be pimping girls man them girls be turnin tricks
I be with them cut throats and they be hitting licks I'm gucci man and I still be slangin chicks
Shawty said she know me say she know me good say she use to ride with me east atlanta hood
Kid will beat ya twiters just teach ya shawty looking at me like she wanna start freaking
Say she got s girlfriend she wanna have a threesome say they wanna f*ck me they say they
Really freaky you didn't offened me baby you pretty you can ride r&b queen of the city
East atlanta 6 yeah we got them bricks you know it's gucci man pussy nigga I'm it now your it now your not it
Gucci mane laflare everybody know I'm the shit I'm the shit round here all I say is "chee" feel like berr coking my fur
Roce royce nigga and I got the chaffeur

Patrom where we at gucci work the trapp east atlanta strong pussy nigga where we at
Got a trapp house and we sell a lot a pack sale a lot of crack make a lot of that
Throw a lot of stacks qua birthday we gone party like some rock stars everyday we play
You know me gucci mane laflare I got them gucci's on my face them gucci's on my feet
Gucci dump nigga so that gucci on the seat riding with a gucci girl
Shawty gucci freaky say she looking at me cause she know I'm really freaky
And she wanna ride with me cause she srtictly dickly
Gucci mane laflare put it in the air $40, 000 diamond put it in my ear
G5 so icey boy I'm ridin leer gucci mane laflare the new artist of the year
So icey

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