Gucci Mane - Adios Amigos Lyrics

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Adios Amigos Lyrics
My life la vida loca
Your girl from Puerto Rico
She took a look at me
And she said Adios amigo

My vato brought them kilos
How much I told em mucho
He drop off;
I said gracias and Adios amigos

I just got bac from Cuba
Where everythin' is legal
Ten thousand pounds of guido
Then said adios amigos

Most of my hoe bisexual
But my connect bilingual
Everytime I cash out
He says adios amigos

Turn me up a little
Just a little more
Your girlfriend sniffed a kilo
Gotchu sayin what a lil whore

Damn she muy bonito
I luv her more than guido
She got wit me
Then call you and say adios amigo

Mi casa is su casa
But not really she can gizzzooo
And she don't gotta go home
Gotta git away from me tho
And if you wanna beef
Ill wrap you up like a burrito
Now me straight out your taco
Aks rocko thats ma vato

My new girlfriend a knockout
She luv to call me papa
Put gucci on her tatas
Her mouth wetter than aqua
Her x boyfriend got mota
I showed her how to hold a
AK on her shoulder
An bring me back that doja

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