Gucci Mane - Already Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Already Lyrics
[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
That murder charge, I beat it already (burrr!)
I left court feeling undefeated like Tom Petty (burr! burrr!)
Drop Chevy painted purple like grape jelly
Don't hit me if ya' telling I'm a felon already (pussy!)
Beef come and get it cause I deal it already (it's gucci!)
There's so much animosity but work I'm gone sell it (f*ck em!)
A tractor trailer fulla purple pounds I'm gone trail it (rob em!)
Big tall goons like Dirk Nowitzki shoot like Jason Terry (shoot!)
Spent 5 million cash done it already (wooo!)
That paper cash confetti got that brand new Scaglietti (wooo!)
Put per miles on it when I wanna f*ck her when I'm ready (f*ck her!)
My earrings are so sick I need to call the paramedics already (burr! burrr!)

Put 24's on that thang I been done it already (squad!)
My homeboy want a fourway I just served him already (wooo!)
That pissy yellow Scaglietti got em' all ready
I know you wanna f*ck her but I smashed her already
Already, Already if you pared to get out my lane already [x2]

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
Way too much ice on who cut the lights on? (burrr!)
Know who cut the lights homes just put my watch on (burr! burrr!)
Beam so fast that the police shoulda stopped me (wooo!)
Rolling up the thrax watch the police watch me (stop!)
I'm just too hot-ski came up on the front street
BCNGP [?] all mine behind me
Zone 6 you find me probably testing diamonds
See how I'm ryhming that's why I'm shining
Time after time man I must remind him
I'm the king of diamonds and mines cost the mostest
F*cking the hostess we just elope bitch
Sold all my dope and I bought me 3 boats trick


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