Gucci Mane - Big Broke Records Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Big Broke Records Lyrics
You big cat
You big pussy
I got big doe
We sell big cushy

You fat f*cker
You f*ckin molee
You big piece of shit
You tried to trick the gucci
I f*ck your girl while you was gone (I did it)
Then f*cked your girl while you were home
Shes home alone
She called my phone
She gave me dome
Won't leave me alone (haaah)
I kno all your bussiness
And all your spots
Kno how u move
Let's fire some shots

You know all my business
And all my spots
Kno how I move
Let fire some shots

I came to you fat fuker chained up rained up gang bang nigga I was framed up big broke records bankbroke records if I wasn't trapin I would be special. gucci like to shot gucci love to merk cash stitch got 14 months down mellow yes man second cat dick big cat mrs debra port can join da list shes another black teacher ain't worth two cents now ya'll mad bitch ya'll broke and I'm rich and ya'll ain't worth three cent just like shorty studio

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