Gucci Mane - Birdies Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Birdies Lyrics
[Hook: Gucci Mane]
Birdie, it's a birdie
It's a birdie, it's a birdie
That's a birdie, there the birdies
I got them birdies, there the birdies

[Verse: PeeWee Longway]
Pyrex chirpin', whippin' birdies
Super nervous, sippin' dirty
In the goonies making plays, count a birdie
Extendo hold a 30, it's on me while I'm working
Birdie, them birdies, chop chop, worth a birdie
My wristwatch on freeze, brrrr
Robin Jeans hold Moneefer
Got OG gas, wanna get served?
I'm on the west coast makin' hoes tweak, sir
I'm from the A, bitch, you know I got wizzerk
Matter fact, let me see y'all skizzir
Got birds of the minolly
Be cool you'll get Zanotti
Frank Lucas attire, I look like a Bugatti
Leave a man ass of fire for brushin' up on my tire
I'm a hitman for hire, don't f*ck around with my dog


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