Gucci Mane - Brick N a Brick Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Brick N a Brick Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Young niggas with these old dogs
Got a young bitch and I'm hood rich
My old money for this new club
In this strip club getting group hugs
I got busy kids, I got fresh weed
Totter real hard on Venice Beach
Talk to the a-attire, but ain't no telling bout me
Cuz that lil nigga got spazzed out
Baby girl I'll overwork ya
Ain't that clip would pay ya
And I ain't mean confiscate
We walk around better be careful
These niggas might snatch my house from me
See them around better pray ya
Cuz a nigga might snatch your air from ya
Let me tell ya something about me
Thirteen year old's already a O.G
Selling big weed
Big bra sit me thirty p
Steal the shirt right off your back cuz I'm a f*cking thief
J's off the street, call me black with the gold teeth
Pistol whip your cousin now a nigga got both teeth
Keep it brief, where you speak
Cuz you talkin' to a chief
Shootin' like no Chief Keef
Check it with ya homies
Shoot you with yo own gun
Running from your own peace
Rob ya dead put some change on yo kid with yo own cheese
Long money, long gun short pace and short sleaze
Brick N a brick man I put that in my Rollie

Brick N a brick man I put that in my Rollie [x2]
Brick N a brick, brick brick brick, brick N a brick
Brick brick brick, brick N a brick man I put that In my Rollie
Brick N a brick man I put that in my Rollie [x2]
Brick N a brick and a brick and a brick
Then I put then I then I get it in my Rollie

[Verse 2: Blaze Servin]
She goin' Pedro
My amigos no quevo
Diego got yayo
My bitch looking like J-Lo
My diamonds Bugatti
They drive like a fossil
Got bus's like Jabari
God damn my plug in the waters
I got nuggets like Quincy Miller
I'm dealing go figure
I throw it from filling rivers from SD to fillers
Got them houses like [?]
Got them dolphins from Florida
I own them horny's like Jordan
Now you think I got this foreign
Sellin' brick after brick and
My Rollie watch mash my pinkie
Gettin' bread like I'm pinkie
Smoking kush and I'm stinkin'
Flipping bricks
Hittin' licks
Hunnid blue like a Crip
Red bottoms on my kicks
On my way to chop my biggie


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