Gucci Mane - Choose Up Lyrics

Gucci Mane Lyrics

Choose Up Lyrics
Lamborghini with the doors up
Pull up and she choose up
Froze us and she choose us
Better ask these hoes they know us
She watchin' me like a movie
Gucci Mane got his numbers up
Tell baby girl come over here
Drop that ass right in front of us

Yes she choose, yeah that bitch choose up
That bitch she choose up, that yellow bitch choose up

I got a dark skin friend and she fine ass f*ck
But when I hit the club she make them hoes choose up
Yeah they choose up
Jimmy Jimmy shoes up
Jimmy Choo glasses bet she the shit my boo wearin'
I'm so inconsiderant, I'm not even caren
I got this big old diamond chain
She thinking 'bout marriage
Gave her 1000 dollars, cause the bitch so thick and she suck good dick
I don't give a f*ck about it, and I don't miss shit and I don't miss it
Cause I be f*cking balling, when I hit layin' next, wanna have sex, f*ck them niggas
Call me Gucci, you pay me 100 for a feature my nigga, Gucci gon come and get ya
Your I'm the truth, Imma come and get you, but bring that money with you
You like graffiti, I don't like fine art cause I'm a bigger picture
And matter fact, the way I ball, bitch I'm a motion picture
Your bitch got motion sickness cause we riding on 26s

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